Get the Pithiness of Your Being!

Mother Planet #084, September 25, 2018 & March 15, 2011


My Dear Sweet Planetary Beings,

Aren’t we cozy now?  Don’t we have great fun together?

What?  You don’t believe that your own life is as great, cozy, kind, gentle and productive as it should be?

Well, look again!  Perhaps what you want is more than you can take, Sweet Ones! 

If you have cash in your pocket, if you have kindness in your heart and if you have a good teacher—that would be Me, then you have everything that you need, don’t you? 

And what you actually do want is all of the publicity in the world directed at you.  That means that you would, deep down love the recognition that you came to Earth, and that your heart be full and satisfied, rather like a Thanksgiving feast of the heart.  And you would like your full year’s supply of goodies and goodness to come to your door without even asking or trying.  And of course, that would be renewable annually—automatically.  Isn’t that so?

Sweet Ones, don’t you know what a tub of lard you would be after only a few days of that kind of treatment, that way of sliding through without any tension challenging you, no responsibility—nothing that requires your honor, your transformation, your “self-sculpting,” and your reliance on kindness and Me?

What oafs you would be if you never had a trial or a stubbed toe in your life.  Of course, there would be no haunting thoughts or broken hearts.  But here is the very most important thing.  You would be left, bereft of the inherent impetus to grow through healing, aspiring, and coming to grips with your own humanity.  You would lose the very most precious commodity that I could ever give you, and that is your own amazing, gifted, talented Soul in all of Its glorious manifestations!

Without the apparent adversity of your trials and tribulations, your addressing your shortcomings and that of the circumstances of your life, how could we ever have enough drama to damn us to the hell of our own dreads and emotions?  How could we ever cleverly and from a destitute and resolute point of view ever grapple with what doesn’t seem to serve you from the depths of your own Being in order to discover the gems and pithiness of your own Being?

You think that you are being horribly treated by all the Masters of Being when your life challenges you with big teeth and claws.  But, oh My Dear Sweetums, that is quite the opposite.  Instead, I am giving you the greatest trial so that you may have the great opportunity to be turned inside out to discover Who is really dwelling between your bed sheets.  And that would be your own personification of the “God above” who is disguised as you—that is the “God within!”

Is that really You?  Oh, yes.  It is really YOU!  But if you don’t use your amazing opportunities for the sake of Self-discovery, and if you only wallow in your discontent…  can you see where this is leading?  That is, you will be complaining about losing out on what you feel should be the glories and external securities of your everyday life, but in fact, you are escaping the real, the very factual journey that leads to the Greatness of your very Soul, your most Authentic Self, your most Blessed Self!

So, Sweet Ones, instead of getting bogged down in how all is smothering you and not giving you what you feel you need or deserve, use that beautiful mind of yours to find out what is hidden behind what you think is garbage.  If you are challenged with no money, then go one better.  Give up all worry, all responsibility for money to Me, your Mentor.  Be sure you break the grip of your worry and let me eat it all up. 

Then own up to your own graciousness as you follow My direction, that of your Soul, and not that of your most condensed self that only knows how to hang onto and be hung by worries and tribulations.  Float on the ocean of what I provide once you have divested yourself of holding onto the image of negligence and worries as you observe all of the gratuities and the abundance that I send your way. 

That takes incredible patience and trust in Me, plus incredible fortitude in yourself to drop those ropes and ties of worry.  Use your mantras, your “bell-ringing” yoga, and every other device that you have to step out of your straight jacket of worries.

Then visit Me as in the springtime bliss.  That is where we will live in the glories of our kind relationship and Union, Dear One.  But don’t forget!  Giving up the worries and working out the healing and transformation is your very blessed opportunity to becoming Who you are.  And that, Sweet One is the most satisfying fun there could ever be!

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Mother—Earth, that is!

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2018 & 2011