You Are About to Take a Great Leap!

 Mother Planet #086

 October 9, 2018 & May 17, 2011

 Dear Ones,

I am so very happy to greet you today, My Sweet Ones!

You have given Me so very much pleasure in your need to do your best, to shine—outshine yourselves, that is, and to honor Me and My presence!

You should not be too sad when definitely “big” things begin to happen.  Just know that you are not alone and that you are not given to strange fantasies.  Understand that what you have been learning and yearning for is quite real!  You just need to understand that all information has and is continuing to be given to you, Sweet Ones.

Now, be confident that it is I who can help you through, that is to connect to your greatness, to the blessing of you, to the extraordinary presence of Who you are.  I may take the open table of your life and turn it into one great “Christmas present” for you.  It is simply up to you how you relate to your Mother.

I am not threatening you in any way, I want you to understand.  I am only giving you the facts so that you can properly process and profess them, My Dears!

The first notice and warning that I want to give you is that the old notion of safety no longer applies.  That is out the window.  You see that all had to do with what would hold you, what you could foresee, what you expected to be unchanging for any length of time.

But in fact, Sweet Ones, that has all gone out the window now.  Your greatness lives with Me, your Mom and your Pa, that is the great “Unending” that powers this whole machine of creation.

When you align with your very unperturbed parents, your notions of your world change entirely!  When you do that, then you begin to understand that you have not been left unenlightened and abandoned on that ship you call Earth. 

In fact, you are the great Ones--those who have a true claim on the viscosity of the Universe.  You are the Universe.  Once you look up with clarity and insight, you will find that your greatness exceeds none and is corralled by none.  That is because you are the All in All.  You are One with your fine family, which declares that your kindness, your knowing, your understanding, your blessings are all available and very well placed.

You have given much over the time you have been nascent there on our precious Earth.  Now is the time to coddle your precious planet, to understand that you all are about to take a great leap.  Don’t pine for Me, Sweet Ones.  I am only going through my pangs to birth this New Age.  But for you, never give up heart, stay holding My hand in every way, and give yourself some “room.”  That is, don’t blame anyone.  Don’t give up the ship of Earth, and laugh, dance, sing, play and pray.

We will have a most delightful time, Sweethearts!  You wait and see!

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