Nightmarish Goblins That Haunt You!

 December 11, 2018 & January 17, 2012

My Dear Sweet Children!

I have so much to tell you!  We are bound to have so much fun together.  We must play together—you and Me, as well as with one another.  That is the way that you join hearts and really begin to relish your own life plan, your very Destiny with all your hopes, fears, kindnesses and unkindnesses.

Now I am not asking you to get distracted by things that don’t feel “right” to you, and I am not asking you to accept the mash of porridge that swaddles you and pulls you under like quicksand.  Oh, no, Dear One.  Just come oh, so closely under my wing and I will tell you what you can believe, what is bogus and how to open your very understanding, power, wisdom and direction.

Let go of the deafening concepts, call to war and offensive, nightmarish goblins that haunt you.  Come jump into My bed in the middle of the night, Sweet Child.  I will cuddle you and give you strength until the storm loses its bluster and moves on.  Now don’t forget, I am always here.  TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!

Now, here is one concept that I want you to take for granted.  Understand that you are men and women of God.  Simply knowing that from just an inkling to a full-blown experience of the Almighty is all that it takes.  Let this Consciousness take you forward, take you deeper, take you to the place that knows All.  Now, you might not know All and everything in one single moment, but trust Me.  You are given in every moment just what you need to know, to understand—no fluff! 

It is all there for you to examine like an infinitely faceted crystal, each faceted view of the same crystal giving you a broader and more magnificent view of the Whole.  So, Sweet Ones, keep asking, keep tuning in, keep “knowing” by the seat of your pants.  That is how you gain pure and opulent freedom.  That is where we can dance and sing to the tune of the multi-faceted jewels that We are.

It is not too hard, you know.  All it takes is pure attention, trust and will power.  Your communication with your own Divine is not shallow, even though it may seem so very simple.  The simplicity is the elegance, so don’t run away from the simplicity.  Rather fully, fully embrace it.  After all, realizing your God-hood is actually the most simple and positive thing that you could ever do.  The things that get in the way are all the old structures of belief that you have set up from centuries and centuries of your sojourn here on Planet Earth and elsewhere.

Open up your eyes, open up your heart and play, play, play.  Others may believe that you are cracked because you do not buy into the “dire circumstances” of your environments.  But believe Me, Dearest One, buying in is dangling your feet over the edge of the boat in crocodile-infested waters.  You know what I mean.  Buying in to hurt, manipulation, control, loss of Self-energy, giving into old hurtful ways of seeing and believing, loss of your compass according to someone else’s watch is a sure give-away that you have lost the keen edge of your double-edged sword and that you are ripe for slicing. 

So, Sweet One, just relax in Me and we will meet in the “dreamland” of our Soul where all “reality” is conceived and born.

All Love in Divine,

Your Very Divine Mother—Mother Earth, that is!

To learn how to listen to Mother she is asking, please go to .  Follow the same instructions as for Soul, but just tune into Mother/Adi Shakti.