You Have the Power!

February 21, 2017 & May 23, 2006


My Dear Ones,


I guess you think that you should be beholding to Me. Well, the truth is that I am beholding to You!

It’s not such a crazy concept when you understand that it is your consciousness that nourishes this planet most mightily. You are a “mainstream” body of well-wishers and do-gooders who came to this planet to help us through this crisis of change. It is you who have voted to take Mother just a little further—even the weak and powerless ones are in on this “conspiracy of spirit!”

There are, of course those who would rather see Mother blown out of the solar system. This is because Earth is such a power house of “redemption.” That means that for every extra-terrestrial who gets voted into the heaven’s Hall of Fame, there are one or two who hold out for Earth existence. That means so many valued beings of the Universe yearn and pine to be part of the millennial team--those who have highly increased abilities to change not only our planet for the better, but extend deep into the cosmic chain as well. Those living on my planet and in its waters have energetic capabilities far beyond your imagining.

You think you are so small and powerless. But I will tell you, my Honeys, you have every bit of respect and wish from every other part of our planetary system and beyond because YOU HAVE THE POWER!

You also have the responsibility—the happy responsibility to use the energy and the focus of your consciousness to upgrade this planet to “par excellence!” Your love for me—even from your most degraded and depressed ones far outweighs even the slightest misgivings you may have concerning your Mother Ship in space.

Now, this is what you must do to fulfill the longing of your lifetimes. You must figuratively hold hands, and with a communal spirit chant my name; that is ADI SHAKTI,  which literally means Primal Earth Power. You must chant my name with all your heart and all your soul. You may relate to any of my other names as well, but understand that it is our communal, Earth-based Soul that we are reaching and upgrading.

The payoff will be great! If you do this, even if a portion of you does this, we will avert catastrophes. With your participation, the Great Hand of Energy can take us ALL through change by sliding over the energetic rifts that would cause such pain and heartbreak in all realms— that is Mother’s physical changes, the atmospheric chaos that would bring suffering to all living creatures, the energetic and magnetic “static” that would mess up your human calculations, emotions and all planning activity. And it would take great care of the animal and plant kingdoms that harvest so much for you on all levels—from food to beauty and companionship to devas.

So listen, my Dears, this is my first instruction, and I fervently hope and expect you to do this with all your heart. You, your families, and all of your known creation will count themselves expansively blessed and cared for if we unite the depths of our hearts in this kind and just energy fest for the good of all.


Your Mother