February 28, 2017 & May 30, 2006


This is your Mother again.  Mother Earth, that is!

Now, my Dears, I have something really interesting to tell you!

You are not alone in space. There are many space “travelers” who would like to throw you off your rock! And they would if they could, but they will not take you by surprise. Instead they will sneak up on you.

They do this by “calling you names.” That is, they allow a frequency that denies who you are and denies it to others as well. This is where the name calling comes in. It is a frequency that allows each one of us to separate from each other--tell nasty stories about each other because we feel hurt, betrayed, justified, righteous, and so on.

But in fact, we are rubbing our planet raw! What is happening is that by implicitly cooperating with this opening for negativity, we put ourselves in collusion with spirits of mayhem, and destroy each other! We destroy the actual fabric of humanity and all that stands for— kindness, mutual wealth, regeneration of spirit and domain (centeredness), cohesiveness as a species, and pulling together of all that is our planet’s birthright!

So, “Kids, quit it!”

Enjoy yourselves and each other! Be kind to each other. If you don’t agree with what is happening with each other, kindly work it out—face to face and belly to belly!

If you are complaining about the systemized exploitation that is occurring here, then instead of feeding the negative “neutrons” with helplessness, blame, guilt and so on, just start building what will work! Figure out plans, no matter on how small a level, and start doing something that supports rather than defies the community of humanity. And protect those who are being exploited—no matter what “kingdom” you think they belong to-- that is animal, plant, mineral, spirit, and so on. This is what it means to skillfully “have dominion over the Earth!”

Your prayers, your money, your recognition in a way that is not mean and ugly, but simply truth telling and supportive will do the trick as long as you all unite in spirit. Uniting in spirit is the key, my Dears. Don’t ever forget that.

Defy war on every level—from your siblings to your overlords! Create living, flexible, supportive community everywhere!

All my love to you for all the kindness, cozy wealth and community of all “species” and energies that you are capable of bringing to our powerful, sweet home!

Your Mother—Earth, that is!