A Great Pardon

March 7, 2017 & June 13, 2006


My Dears, it's your Mom again.

Today is the day for you to rejoice!

You have taken on the immense job of humanity! That is nothing short of remarkable. You have given yourselves—your bodies, minds and Souls to be part of something that is much greater than fiction could ever capture. That is the transformation of your Mother—Your Mother Planet, that is.

You have been One with the Universe for “centuries.” You have even been One with our planetary system for “centuries.” But now, my Dears, you have hopped over the line to become One with our dear Planet. That is Me— you and Me, Dear Ones.

This is the task ahead. We are to give “space” to all beings for their own growth. That means that we will offer all who dwell or take refuge here a grand pardon—the grand “sin” being not loving, not caring and not being. It means that now is the time to turn that around. Now is the time to “tune in,” to care to live with the precious essence of the Earth. It means slowing down to give primary attention to all that grows.

And realize the preciousness of all that is within yourselves, because all that you see, hear, know, believe, observe and empathize with is within you. When you realize that there is no difference, the “pardon” will take place.

You may blame your surroundings, your nature, your blessed humanity—either personal as individuals or the general population of billions for not meeting YOUR requirements, for you not being given a chance, for obstructing your way, or just for not giving up to your dreams and ambitions. But in fact, Dears, all are you! There is no difference in your intercourse with humanity, and your perceptions of yourself. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!

Yikes! Don’t let yourself become discouraged now!

Just realize that you are actually a gem of a radiant engine and let yourself open, radiate, and place yourself squarely on the “grid” of all interconnected LIFE! When you do this, my Dears, you will realize that your world is not centered around you. Rather you will live in the gracious moment of knowing that all of humanity resounds through you, and that by being open to all—open heart, open mind, full and open disclosure to All that Lives--animal, vegetable, mineral and spirit, you participate in the most wondrous game of the Universe. That is, you are actually driving the expansion or retardation of the Universe itself!

You are complete in yourselves, my Dear Ones, and you are the completeness of humanity and of Life. You are the engine of LIFE! So, please, oh please don’t be so wrapped up in your small, contained and individual plots and lamentations that you forget what your Destiny is!

Inspire yourselves to live in Wholeness, in Goodness and Love and Light, for that is your real Reality! Let the passing of time move through you in a most conscious and gracious way. Do your best to not get bogged down in the woes and wows of the life and culture as you have been “trained” to. Rather open, open, open to your Full Self and feel the Power of the Essence that flows through you.

Then you will find something really magnificent! Your full, complete, and magnificent Self—the marvel of the Universe, fully cooperating as the operative essence of ALL! As you open to this, your small life will give way to the thrill of ALL, and even your circumscribed “former life” will gain in majesty, ingenuity and fulfillment! Do this in the fullness of your deep meditation, and then carry that essence to the beauty of expression of your “everyday” Life!

Try it, you’ll like it!

All Love from your Mother—Earth, that is!