Hugging You to My Heart!

March 14, 2017 & June 27, 2006



My Dear Ones,

Now is the time to rely on Me—your Mother!

But first I have a few favors to ask. Would you please help me upgrade the awareness of those taking sustenance here on our planet? I have long since been your guardian, your protector, and now that you, as humanity are “grown up,” it is your turn!

First, I need protection for my wildlife and rivers, my currents and oceans. You can’t imagine the filth that flows through those estuaries!

Then I need help with my air. Did you know that the air you breathe is actually the “waft” of the Essence of my aura? It is your planetary treasure! Forget gold, silver and diamonds. They are just aberrations in my crust. They are not my Essence. Air with its prana is closer to fitting that bill!

Now, I need you to be with Me. So, this is what we will do. We will make a game of it.

First, I will decree that whosever helps Me here, I will help them in the “Hereafter.” This is how it works. First, when you leave your body I will hear all the “trailings” that you make. There is a distinctive marking that flows from your human essence. Then I will reach out and grab you to my “Heart” and float you to wayward boundaries—that is I will transport you to the destination of your innermost, concrete dreams. I am the consciousness from within and you are the consciousness from without. You are my bliss and my unconscious. You have given yourself to this lifetime, my Dears, so LIVE it!

Next, Be One with Me! It is not as hard as it sounds! It used to be that people floated with the voice of the tides, and the dimension of the passage of the sun. No more! You have really learned how to overcome all the persistent “gobbledy gook” of Nature. Well, congratulations. You have also learned how to flush me down your infernal toilet. I mean, where do you think you live? On a space ship?

No, Dears! You live on and with Me, your Mother for Goodness Sake. Start believing it and acting like it. This is what I mean. In the morning when you get up, at least look out your window, Dears. You must see that I am still there—in my light and shadows, in my weather, in my plants and animals in all their seasonal glory. And then please, oh please go outside into my riches of nature. You are not bound down to your comforts, you know. Get out there and experience Me. Get wet from my glorious rain, cold from my piercing arrow of winter, baked from my precious sun radiance! We will have a ball. Enjoy Me, no matter what!

Just give into Me, feel Me and talk to Me—about our relationship, about your troubles, your hopes, your dreams, your hurts, your loves. I will be there listening to your preciousness, Dears. You talk. Then really be quiet and still, and I will talk back. Try it, you’ll see.

Don’t short change your Mother, Dear Ones. I am here for you to lay your head on my bosom, let your cares rest and hear the wisdom that will carry you through. Just do it and see what happens.

All Love, my Dears!
You are my hope and my downfall.
Choose your/our path wisely!

Mother Planet