My Grand Goddess Sister--Time!

March 21, 2017 & July 11, 2006


My Dear Ones,

All you--my people are always having trouble with time nowadays. For what? To give yourself heart attacks and all kinds of stress ailments? Don’t you know that stress gives host to all phyla of predators to your human body, mind and spirit? Why would you want to give entrance to all that ails you?

Because you have to work hard to make a living? What kind of poopy is that, my Dears?

Consider this. You are a pure Being of Light. You have reached a stair level where you can get much more done in a seemingly shorter amount of time with all your electronic gadgets. But in reality, that just ain’t so. What you can do is move information around quicker, but you can’t think and process any quicker. Ergo—you just can’t keep up with what you have invented. Stress ensues!

Try this. Imagine that you are on a golden shore. The waves are lapping about your ankles. The breeze moves your hairs across your face, and then the pathetic quality of ambition moves in to make you the set designer, the host and the scrounger of all your domain. Since you think you are in charge of all you survey, you lose it. It is just too much for you to take care of!

So, instead, try this. In that same golden shore setting, blossom yourself into my beauty, my tide, my wafting of air. Do this in your internal imagination as well as coming out to visit me in reality. Play with Me, not just with your toys—snow boards, surf boards and so on. Get into it—our fun. Don’t worry about looking stupid, my little starlings! Just do it.

Now, let time melt. Yes, you can do this. When you let time melt, you actually merge with the Goddess of Time and let her carry your need for accomplishing, for fretting, for processing, for producing, for wanting, for helping. Let her, my good and well- preserved sister carry you. Don’t doubt this. Just try it, and find out if it in fact works!

Let time melt with my sister Goddess, and let her be in charge of your time crunches, your work sessions, your schedules for hopes and demands. Bliss on her waves, Dears. Let your knots loosen. Let your mind open and wander to “encompass” in place of thinking.

And by all means, allow yourself to be sensitive when you “schedule,” rather than squishing in godzilla deadlines and inserting razor-tight time slots for activities in every line of your day planner. Actually “feel” the rhythm of your creations, rather than arbitrarily boxing them in—which will get you in trouble every time!

There is not much else you can do to stay healthy and strong when you do everything you can think of to blow yourselves up, trying to manage the short choppy waves of despair in which you take charge to rearrange all time to your own notion.

Give your charge of time over to my Grand Goddess sister—Time. Let her rearrange things, and be reliant on her feedback. So, let your time go, and find out what occurs.

You still must be sensitive to what is given to you, seeing how “things” are rearranged and keep up with the magic and the process. But her saving beatitude is there. Not only is she available, but relying on her is the next step in your evolution, my Dears. So, by all means smell the essence of Time’s sweet perfumes, and be transported on her carpet!

Love you, Sweetnesses!
Your precious Mom—Mother Earth, that is!