Treat Yourself To Fearlessness!

March 28, 2017 & July 25, 2006



My Dear Ones,

Do I have a treat for you! Now is not the time to fret!

The world is going awry, but I want to tell you why. The reason is that we must burn the dross out of our planet and our atmosphere. My apologies for going to such lengths to make this happen, but without your prayers, your consciousness and your deepest concern for all—not your worry or apprehension, this is what needs to happen to initiate the extremely profound changes that MUST occur if you are to call yourselves the greatest Planet in the Universe!

You are moving, you know, my Dears. You cannot escape it, so please be ready. Drop all your excess baggage! You cannot carry your hopes and your fears into this next phase of ours. You must be sleek and slim of spirit! You must be fully fit of consciousness!

Fear of ANYTHING will pull you under like a shark sampling your tasty tootsies. So, if you prefer to glide, to ride and to surf my ways, now is the time to get your-self fit for action! Drop any emotion that weighs you down. Don’t just “turn the other cheek” and overlook or distract yourself from what is grappling at your mind or your innards. Directly, squarely and full-footed face the terrors and transform them in yourself if you expect to transpire in the future!

Remember—fear of expiring for your-self or for anyone else is only a distraction of spirit. The only devilment in dying is fear on anyone’s part. What you call “dying” is but a change of clothes for that person. So, the problem is not dying per se, but “attachment" to that person’s Earthly form by you or by them.

So, delve deep and don’t dare quit until you are fear free—what a journey! This is when you can be the fully rooted, fully flying of spirit that will seed our blessed planet’s fully joined future.

You are not without trial, but you are also not without challenges that cannot be resolved. You can do it with all the “picayune problems” that are being thrown your way these days. Regard them as gold, because they give you the opportunity to transform and grow. This is your dojo to develop your mental, emotional and spiritual fitness and your most supportive discipline!

Rise to the occasion now, Dears! You will be ever grateful that you have!!

Your Most Loving and Most Concerned Mother—Earth, that is!

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