Time is Running Out!

Mother Planet #033, October 3, 2017 & August 7, 2007

My Dear Ones,

Don't you know that our time is running out? We have so much to do, My Darlings!

I don't want to alarm you, but you know that it is only your consciousness that will save you in the future. And if you don't reorganize yourself to take out that nasty poop that gives you such difficulties, makes you blind to your real destiny in this life--so that you can live by your unerring Soul, then you will never reach the "kingdom of glory" on this Earth, right here, today and tomorrow!

Sometimes you really slay Me! Yes, really--both as comedians, and also with suffering because you are suffering. Don't you know that we--you and Me and all of us are in this gigantic boat together? When you get that you are not separate from Me, from your "tormentors," or from all classes of vibration "large and small," you will finally begin to get the gist of what I am trying to tell you!

Although you are not given this Life to live alone--that is to not think or perceive yourself as an island among many--you are given the Help, the Kindness and the Qualifications to improve on just Who you are, or Who you think you are!

No, I am not asking you to "believe and you will be saved." No way, My Darlings. Instead I am asking you to feverishly, yet calmly and qualifiedly to work on how you see yourselves wandering this kind Planet.

Do you feel angry, put upon, lost, separated, without goals or at least cheated because your goals are not met? Do you feel as though you are under the heavy sway of what is "given to you," meaning that which pops up in your everyday life and offers you the greatness and the great challenges of a lifetime?

Well, Dears, now is the time to unload yourself of passions that keep you separate--whether you think that you are different from others, at a loss with others, that you have them in your pocket--are taking advantage of them, that some are good for you and others are not, that some cheat you and take your wife, that some who goad poor old Mother Planet and should be challenged and murdered for that, whether you have the love of your life and would be devastated if he/she were taken from you, and on, and on, and on.

You, in your greatest goodness are not lost in a quagmire of guilt, hurt and unkindness. You in your Only and Best Proportions know that you are the Love-Giver, you are the Mender of Hearts, you are the booster of all of Heaven and Earth, and to tell the truth, of Hell as well. You just have to give up your barriers of thinking that you might be special and others aren't. Or that they are special and you are not! You/We are all part and parcel of the same experience, the same God/Goddess. We--in all our complexities and simplicities are the One. And that is that!

Now, Dears, I am not telling you to go without boundaries and let the short sightedness of others throw you off guard and destroy your single emission of courage and consciousness, your cognizance of your itty bitty every day self. No, you need to stay on alert in that regard to maintain integrity of all "moving parts" of the Whole!

But broader than that, to the heart of your understanding of nature and the Universe, including your core level, you must permeate your Being with the Oneness of All, the experience that All is God! You must live that proportion and that experience, Dear Ones.

If you don't, the times ahead will eat you up and spit you out! It will be a time when Heaven and Earth can no longer tolerate the molesting viewpoints of consciousness that are less than all inclusive. So, best start now, My Sweethearts to put on your "colored glasses of inclusiveness." Be One with the heart of all, and pray for or intend that all your colleagues on your Divine Planet and beyond comprehend this Reality with all their Beings. Nothing else can help you, My Divine Little Squirts!

All Love in Your Preciousness,

Your Kind Mother In Divine