Heart to Heart & Belly to Belly!

Mother Planet #034, October 10, 2017 & August 21, 2007 

My Dear Ones,

The rain clouds are gathering in the East. That means that you should prepare yourselves for very rainy days ahead! You know, of course that I am not talking literally about rain, don't you?

Oh, yes, Dears. You have yet further to go before the deluge begins, but you will begin to feel droplets occur in these "waning days of non-profit." This means that you will be given less and less time to order your affairs, but you will be given lots of information to complete them, such as understanding these upcoming changes--such as your neurological formations and transformations. That is, your sweet planet will look altogether different to you than it has before. That is because you will sip the sweet "nectar honey" of vibrations that will give you entirely new perceptions about where you are, where you ought to be, and how to go about your lives.

You will be given new knowledge of who you are and just how to go about your lives. For instance, your mornings will be filled with laughter and conquest of Spirit--that is if you are to survive the transformation of trance that you are in currently.

Next you will give way to seeking out your neighbors and your kin to fulfill obligations to each other that you had no idea that you had. Such as helping them to plow corn, while they help you earn the profit off your cherry tree. You will find that you are one for all and all for one. Without that concept and acting it out in truth and complete dedication, you will not thrive. You will not come into fruition in this new age. You will be left groundless and bereft.

So, Sweet Ones, now is the time to begin to build the fortresses in yourselves that buttress up your strength in yourself, and ascertain just how to trust and be heart-close with your kith and kin. That is the question and that is the challenge.

You may have thought that I was being just a "senile old lady" when I have told you to find the hearts in others and match yours to theirs, or to see, feel and hear all as One. But, Sweethearts, this is no game, no sylph sweet words to only soothe the mind and mend your prayers. Oh, no. This is the title of the pamphlet guide to the future. You have heard it before and will never stop hearing it. "Love your neighbor (as well) as yourself for the love of God!"

This is not some simple platitude. No, indeed. It is the blueprint for the future, and if you don't get it, way down deep in your Soul, then your Soul won't have a footing on Earth. Simply put, you will not survive! So, please do your best to get with it now, so this won't be such a shock to you in the future!

All Love in Divine,

Your Loving Divine Mother--Earth, that is!