Travel to Truth

Mother Planet #035, October 17, 2017 & September 4, 2007

My Dear Ones,

Traveling is hard these days. At least traveling to My Heart, that is!

You have such a wealth of "passageways" these days, My Dear! There have been so many who have gone before you to open up so many new routes, to map them out, and show you how to use them!

But what it all boils down to, My Sweet Ones is to KNOW just Who you are on this livable and loveable planet of ours--including our atmosphere and full vibrational field as well, you know. (Did you know that our planet has an "astrological effect" on the other planets, as they do on us? Yes, indeed. They are our brothers and sisters, too!)

You are no less than a warrior generation who is here to populate this kind Earth with a caring and loving "family community" who know in their hearts that you here to be kind and loving, and to raise the vibrational facility of this Mother Planet to a frequency that can sort through all kinds of bull-poop to know and live the Truth!

This is not a small-change kind of operation! Face it! You currently live in a septic pool of lies, very putrid un-Truth! You live through constant hog-wash all day, every day. Just listen to or read your "news." There may be kernels of happenstance Truth, but not the real, juicy, ripe Truth that is just falling off your "information trees" for you to consume in ecstasy. And then report and live in that sea of Truth!

Did you know that you can tune into My real Truth by accessing your Intuition phone line that you carry around with you all the time? You just have to be schooled in how to use it, Sweethearts!

Then you will be given the latest updates whenever you pay attention to My constant "newsfeed." You will know how to venture, how to gain, how to give away, how to ascertain what is a smart move, and which to shy away from. You will get to know yourselves in ways you never thought possible! It will be the magic of Life that you always yearned for!

And this you must do, because in the future all structures will fall down around your heels, like loose underpants and give way to nakedness that will find you unprepared--not knowing where or even how to turn, if you haven't developed any habit of being online with Me.

So, if you value your Life, your Heart and your Soul, as well as your very own "heritage" that brought you here at this time to live out your Destiny--your Union with Mother and all that that entails, now is the time to catch up on all your "work" to power up your phone lines with Me.

We have so much work to do yet! If you have ever wondered what you can do to get ready for "times ahead," besides letting go of all your old emotional and habitual garbage, there is nothing so crucial as powering up your finely tuned Intuition lines and networks thereof!

So, My Darlings. You have been forewarned. Please do take My advice!

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself for the Love of Me,

Your Great and Glorious Mother--Planet, that is!


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