Pull Together!

Mother Planet #036, October 24, 2017 & September 18, 2007

My Dear Ones,

Now is the time for you to pull together! Really pull together!

It takes a lot of hard work, patience, cooperation, love, overlooking the little stuff and contemplation of big plans with big hearts to do this, you know!

This is not a small feat on any level. It takes giant's feet to pull this one off!

But, I'll give you a clue, Dears! The more that you can let go of your own feelings of need, of grief, of guilt and hurt and just breathe out of your heart, the more and more you will be rewarded for it. Now this is really practical stuff. Not some imaginary or airy-fairy pudding head. Really!

If you are to get along with each other--I mean REALLY and TRULY get along with each other, then you have to start with your heart. No kidding! There is no other way around it. You can make up rules galore for sweet and safe living together. But if you don't exercise your heart, the energy of your 4th chakra at the middle of your chest, the one that seeks out receivers of this most powerful and pure energy of the heavens, then you've got nothing. No honest, pure, lasting increments of your God Self can exist if they are not poured out of your heart!

You are blessed in so many ways--the primary way being that you at least have a consciousness that can grasp this most simple, but most profound of ideas! But the next step is to put it to use.

You always want to avoid pain, and feel joy and happiness. Well, Dears, if you stick to this prescription, and use your own heart breath www.SoulAnswer.com/heart_breath.html  to let go of your tightness and open your "sharing capacities," then you will find the peace, coziness and happiness that you yearn for. And if you don't yearn for that, then God Bless You!

We, this nation, this world are so rapt at times with putting out the flames of desire for a good, prosperous, healthy and supportive planet, with all its citizens working in cozy unity, that often you get numbed to the truth that there is this huge opportunity awaiting you! And it will not be too long before the barricades of death and destruction will break down those perverse barriers to smash open these Truths! You will see that the heart felt yearning for peace and coziness become so great that finally the gorgeous reality of such a possibility will begin to emerge!

Have hope, have love, and help each other kindly grow in sweetness, support, reliability and presence. These are the ways to make your selves strong for the future! These are the ways to strengthen all of human kind and their mastery of living on this gracious Mother Planet, and care for all our fellow creatures here-- animal, vegetable, mineral including water and air, and spirit! These are the ways to real joy, real heaven on Earth.

All Love in Divine,

Your Divine Mother-Earth, that is!