Change Your Poopy Paradigms

Mother Planet #037, October 31, 2017 & October 2, 2007

My Dear Ones,

Now is not the time to fret, you know? You have so much time on your hands! That means that I love you, no matter what time it is! Fooled you, huh?

Well, Dears, if you get in a huff because you don't have time, and you get irate, worried, dysfunctional and all out of sorts because you think that you don't have time--time for joy, time for leisure, time for building communities and relationships. If you don't have time, especially to build yourself for the future—that is to dump the trash and re-route your mental wiring to handle really high voltage of the spirit, then you lose the point!

All that can be done pronto if you actually take charge of your mind, listen to your Soul and become a fervent believer in your Self!!

It takes courage right from the get go. It takes a "righteous" mind set in that you can't try to pull your "blinders" off--that which keeps you one-pointed if you hope to win the prize of your Self pretty soon! The TIME is coming close when you can do nothing else but claim that great prize, My Dears!

You must serve your Self if you wish to live in the plenty that your Soul offers you. You can't get sideswiped by old emotional "reasoning" that points out all the poopy stuff that you just "know" happens over and over in your life. Uh-uh.

You have kindred spirits all around you, working hard to adjust their senses to honestly sense the Truth about their environs and their interaction with it. And what they find is that as they nestle down in Me, as they love their guiding Spirit, and they hold their position in "powerful neutral," as they truly look for others to give them hope, kindness, love, guidance and compassion, they put themselves in the boat of satisfaction, contentment, accomplishment.

Overreaching, under-reaching and all those hurtful jogs of memory, habit and notions that go with them when these folks pull themselves out of neutral and into worry, hurt and shame don't have to be yours.

To divert yourselves from that nasty bastion of anti-virtues, do your spiritual practices--any and all of them all of the time. You must master them so that your old paradigms don't master you. If they do, you will perish in the new time! So, get off the "perish path" now, Dears and you will be so heartened, even now!

All Love in Divine,

Your Divine Mother who watches over you and sends you hugs and kisses constantly!

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