Peace! Make It Your Own NOW!

Mother Planet #059

April 3, 2018 & April 14, 2009


My Sweet Dear Ones,

Don’t you feel our feverish planet changing now?  Don’t you find that so many are seeking peace from the political, ephemeral and hard hit broadcasts of your economic setup?

“Who knows how long this must last?” you say? 

Well, Sweeties, this is it.  It must last as long as our “world”—or a goodly portion of it believes that the value of being drunk with confidence and happiness is that they can kill and demean their brothers and sisters to create their own happiness.  But that is total falsehood, don’t you know?

There is no happiness in deceiving each other, of scamming one another, of holding out for the very price of someone’s Soul.

Don’t you see how people— that might include everyone to some degree—hold onto their aggressions against one another?  That may be overt or covert.  So, even holding onto anger against one another creates an energetic plane of disease that is available to add fuel to the fire of anyone who thirsts for that.  This is how our Divine Creative Unconscious works, you know.

So, please, oh please go really deep to create the stuff of peace.  Forgive the anger in yourself and others.  Again—forgive the anger in yourself and others.  Hurt no more in any way.  Extend yourselves to live the projection for peace, to enact it yourself in every way.  This is a trick of the mind, you know!  This is truly a mark of refined free will to be able to control that little slippery guy inside us who allows anger, resentment, hurt, separation to linger and claw out the eyes of the “other guy” who you perceive has stepped over their boundaries to sock you one. 

This is definitely not the way to invite the stuff of peace, the energetic copulations that engender the broader peace of this confined universe of yours/Ours.

Oh, no, My dear fawns of My nature.

The way that you bring PEACE, especially in this magnificent era of transformation from the mire to the majesty is to bring firm, kind and pure peace to your own heart, no matter what in the world you may be suffering right now.  This is the time to unravel fear; to find the kindness and support for each other that may have been so very overlooked for so very long.  This is the time to trust Me and your very Soul to lead you, to BE you.  After all, that is Who you really are, whether you get it yet or not.

Please stop fighting the inevitable course of transformation and just relax.  That is not being irresponsible, Dear Ones.  That is finally uniting with the reality of Life.  Just relax and BE—using your most kind breath to find out Who you are, and then to live in that peace.  That is the foundation of the real adventure that you are on, and that is where you find actual, true and trustworthy advice for living your life.  Actually listen to Me and to your own precious Soul! 

You are gifted in this way, My Dears.  You have this wonderfully unique advantage called Consciousness.  Use this gift NOW, to be Who you are and TRUST IT!

All the Love that there is to give goes to You, My Sweet One!
Your Mama—Earth, that is!

You can go to to find out how to do this!  And you can pick out any wonderful yogic help that you feel akin to in order to affect your own peace at .

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