Don’t Whine Now!


April 10, 2018 & May 12, 2009

My Dear Little Ones,
Don't whine now.  
You knew this was coming.  I warned you over and over, didn't I?  Well, Sweet Ones, there's lots more to come, you know.
Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost, can't do anything but wrong, wishing your heart would quit palpitating?  I know that you all have such strange and deranged circumstances, and even if it doesn't appear so outwardly, you may feel that your whole world is either crashing down on your dear heads, or that you are imploding from some mighty thief who is smashing you in the night, or you may just feel dragged down, out of it, and who cares after all?
So, My Darlings.  This is not a joke.  This is the real thing!  Do you remember all that we have been talking about to "get your act together?"  Well, now is the time!
Anything, any memory, any scar or hurt or pain that has not yet been healed and resolved will now come up to haunt you, to play back through your psyche's DVD player.  You--your greatest sweet self will be put on hold as you deal with all those personal and imaginary demons--that is specters of past experiences from way back will grab your little toes and crunch away until they get your attention!
And get your attention they must!  For you--all of you are in the throes of something good, something great!  And that is that you are cleaning out the psychic garbage of this old planet!
Truly, My Dear Ones.  "Stuff" is being hurled in everyone's face now.  And without cleaning it up, things are going to get awfully smelly around here.  I mean, can't you imagine unabated anger, grief, mockery, heart break, insecurity, hurt and hurting, fixations and addictions, holding so tightly on to dead, lifeless beliefs that no longer serve, that rip the power from your hearts and your beings.
This can no longer be.  
My old pal Time is here to clean out this ghastly mess.  Time will pressurize you beyond belief!!  But you know what?  My pal Time, as gruff as he is, he is also your best friend.  As he moves us into his new palace of Awareness, what you blithely call this "New Age," or the Age of Aquarius (I love that musical play by the way), is a place where this old crap can no longer be tolerated!  It just won't move into Time's future contraption with all its new-fangled vibrational movement.  
So, he is smashing all that old, stuck, unworkable, unlovable junk that lurks in the dark nooks and crannies of each one of you, my Kiddles to smash it all into glass shards!  Take it out to the Great Recycler in the Sky, your Papa, the Infinite!  That junk just can't make it into the new time, so it's high time you get aware of that and throw it all overboard, NOW!  It would make your lives so much easier, My Darlings!
So, understand that everyone is having a giant housecleaning and huge giveaway right now!  Understand that you cannot keep all those over worn anxieties, that shriveled power, that gigantic anger, your horrible self-punishment and blaming others.  Hurl away anxieties and insecurities--let them fly off in the wind.
You belong to Me, Sweet Heart.  I will push you until you let go of all that "Stuff" so that I can hug you for all that you are worth, and you are worth everything--All Creation, because you are All Creation!  
Don't you see that you are the production of your Papa--Infinity and Me, Mrs. Earth of Time and Space?  Don't you see how extraordinarily grand you are?  It hurts me so to see you tearing at yourselves at this time, but believe Me, the sooner you let it all go....  Don't think of losing all that mess as losing parts of yourself, but rather finally freeing yourself.  This is when you will shine so very gloriously!  I promise.
And after all, as your Mother that's all and everything that I want for you, Sweeties.  I am cuddling you and letting you know how very, very loved you are.  Now I am asking you so very kindly and so very persistently to force yourself if you have to, to just open up, let the junk go and let Me hug you, hug you, hug you!  You are My breath and My life.
Come to Me and I will protect you and support you as you have never known in your paltry life.  You will experience the riches of being safe, of hurting no more, and of loving your siblings unabashedly for all they are worth--which is Everything!  And you will absolutely know yourself as purely loved, loving, purely cherished and purely safe!
Try it now, please.  Use your God-given breath and there I am, there We are!
Your All Loving Mom,
Earth, that is!
To learn the details on how to go about this, please go to .  Follow the instructions on tuning into Soul, but instead, tune into Mother.  I assure you, that is OK and most effective!  Let Her take your cares, and let Her LOVE you with every breath!

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