Create Your Creation! 

Mother Planet #061

April 17, 2018 & June 9, 2009


 My Dear Darling Ones,

Who do you think you are?  Don't you know that you are my guided Spirits, my one and only muse, my perfect Creation, My Sweetest Darlings?

Well, Sweeties, it's time you listen so very closely to Me to open your heart and to be true blue, in command of your own heart.

The blessings are all yours, you know.  I have been waiting so long to turn you from the shallow reaches of my Earth to become the great well of seers, the Saints, the believers, and the totally aware Creators of this kind body that we call Earth.  Don't you know that you are the Creators and carry the Creator’s essence? 

Now this is just how you do it—create, that is.

First, open your heart.  There is nothing more productive on this Earth than to open your heart.  Now, I know that it's very hard for quite a number of you.  And that is because your heart has been broken so many times.  You would rather not let any more termites vandalize that sweet and delicate organ.  But the time has come when all of the flotsam and jetsam that has collected there over the ages, over so many lifetimes here on this precious planet really needs to be thrown overboard.  This is your task.  This is your creativity.  You can do this.

But please be sure you don't jump overboard yourselves.  Instead, let all this overwhelming grief, these insecurities, these inabilities to act, those overwhelming floods of emotions, those tricky triggers that swallow you up even before you know it—those are the ones that create what you don't want.  And guess what?  Those are the results that you blame Me for.  Oh, My God!

Just understand that as you connect to those disconcerting and counterproductive notions, you are genuinely bringing before your very eyes those guilty emotions that you really do not want to face.  But the time has come!  The opportunity has come for you to specifically address and re-organize your creative juices that give you so much trouble in order to truly clear the air. 

Now, My Darlings, this air that I speak of is actually your own broadcasting energy as human beings.  Don't you know how powerful you are?  The “air” that flows through you actually creates your creation!

So, make this your time for what you call healing.  Open your hearts, breathe, and sincerely let all that poop fly out of your heart!  There is no other way for you to create what you see as goodness and perfection without letting go any of that entangling griminess on your energetic engine of creation that may be stuck in your heart.  Without letting go of all that stuff We/you continue to create what you think you don't want.  Woops!

Next step.  Now that your heart is opened, and is free and clear, and all goodness flowing unimpeded from your heart, from your whole being, this is when those energies of yours that are always creating your circumstances can actually draw and perform and create the goodness that you expect, that you want, and that you pray to Me so very often for. 

“You” individually, and “you” collectively—YOU are the Creator!  We as a body of this Earth are the Creator/s.  Now please try this, experiment with it and see what happens.  I bet you will be surprised! 

Just don't get discouraged when all the crap comes up.  That mess is only asking to be cleaned out and wiped away.  And I definitely know that you can do that!  I am offering you every bit of My help, every bit of My understanding, and all of My creative energies to add to your intentions to polish the access to your very loving and creating Soul.  All you have to do is join in with Mother's love—that would be Me, and We can do this together.  You betcha!  You are not alone.  You are securely with Me, with your Father Infinity, as well as with all of Humanity.

You are a blessing, Honey!  You just have to get used to it!

I love you like no other,
I love you as your Mother--Earth, that is.

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