Not Separate Anymore


April 24, 2018 &

July 7, 2009


Dear Ones,

Well, Sweetheart.  It is actually My birthday! *
"Oh, how could that be?" you say.  "How could you possibly have a birthday that has a real date?"
Ain't no way, My Darlings.  Instead I'm just claiming it for today.  I just want to let you all know that I am fine, that I am doing well, and that I'm living My life as you.  You are My children and grandchildren, My happiness, and my sweetest little imps.  
Now I have something very special to tell you on My very special day! 
We are going smoothly, yes smoothly.  Except for a number of train wrecks.  But all in all, we are accomplishing our task in moving through to this very enlightened time, traveling through so much darkness, and beginning to shine our beacons out into the darkness to create that hole in the atmosphere that will keep us, that can hold us, and represent all of our heartfelt dreams.
You should know that we join as One consciousness.  We are not separated anymore.  Of course, we have never been separated.  But now is the time that we understand that we have all thrown our lots in together, starting now so that we will be reborn as the One, the true, the only quest of humanity, which is the absolute pure and most vivacious joining of hearts.
You just can't believe who you are!  But you are beginning to see more and more that as you treat another with kindness, as you hold another in glory, as you help and feel the other as your own--as a manifestation of you, you begin to know more and more who you are, and where we are headed.
In fact the newness of it, the civility of it, and the novelty of it, will begin to catch all of you by surprise!  You will begin to realize that we are all connected, and that your joys are My joys, his or her joys are My joys, and My joys belong to all of you.  There is no escaping.
We are blessed beyond measure because We bless each other.  This is inescapable.  But aren't we having fun?
Oh, yes, My Dears.  We are having the most exquisite fun that there ever could be!  
All My Love, 
From your most heartened Mother--Earth, that is!!


*Earth Day was actually 2 days ago on April 22, 2018, but you can still celebrate!

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