On Friday, we heard the awful, terrifying news again…another dead plus others wounded at a Jewish Temple, this time in southern California.  All because of Hate!  How can we deal with this?

The first step is to rid our own selves of hate and fear of any kind.  Personally engaging in hate and fear is how we participate in this ugliness from/with the engine of the collective unconscious that we all share in. , .

Did Jesus or Guru Arjan show any hate or blame against their murderers?  Look what Nelson Mandela did in his lifetime.  After 27 years of incarceration, much of that off the coast of South Africa with nearly no visitors and tons of harships, he emerged to become the liberator and uniter of that most troubled nation. Gay McDougall reported, “That lack of personal animosity toward those in charge of his confinement was important to his survival.”

I just heard a most remarkable interview on CNN with a member of that targeted Jewish congregation, a military veteran who, when he heard the shots, got up to take a few steps away from that horrific sound, but then “something” turned him around to run towards the shooting.  He knew to get close to the shooter so that the gun could not be aimed towards him.  And he screamed at the shooter in a voice that no one had ever heard before—least of all himself!  Witnesses said that it sounded like a chorus of 4 strong men, screaming at the top of their lungs.  A Catholic priest in his church about a football field length away actually heard that scream during his service at the same time.  Then he screamed his unearthly scream again, which evidently unnerved the shooter so much that he ran to his car outside. 

When our fellow reached the shooter’s car, an off-duty border control officer appeared from inside the synagogue and announced that he had a gun, and ordered our fellow to stand clear when he shot at the tires of the assailant’s car.  Then as that car sped off, they both noted the license plates and reported them to the police, who caught the terrorist soon after.

As our fellow said, he was conscious, but his thinking mind was not engaged.  In retrospect, he felt that it was the “Hand of God” that compelled him to carry out his actions.  This is the kind of thing that we are talking about as we train ourselves to listen so consistently to Soul.  We are asking our Soul, our God-Self to stay in charge of our lives at every instant, and actually to take over when we can’t think our way through an incident that is in front of us.  Please train yourself! .

And when you get a chance, please also listen to the loving Rabbi who lost at least one finger to that gunfire as his dear friend was shot dead beside him ( .  His greatest concern was for the children’s safety, and his main worry was that his 4-year old granddaughter saw his bleeding hands.  Then the gun jammed, stopping the slaughter for the moment.

There was no blame for the gunman from the Rabbi—only kindness and love for the people of his congregation.  And this elderly gentleman was standing stalwart, speaking at this news event only a day or so after this heavy, heavy shock including 4 hours of surgery on his hand.

 It takes a life of love and service to naturally be that! 

So, please keep up your daily sadhana (spiritual practice) plus ongoing, constant merger with your cozy, all-wise, strength-giving Soul as we move through these most challenging transformations to this Aquarian Age for which Yogi Bhajan let us know that we are being trained as leaders and teachers. He repeated over and over again that without the Khalsa (the pure ones that you all are), there would be no Aquarian Age.  When that Earth-Age is finally realized, that is when we are promised millennia of peace and kindness.  “Keep Up and you will be Kept Up!” Yogi Bhajan.