The Healing Spiral


Sometimes, it seems that we have already healed a certain trauma, but then that original trauma or Trance keeps popping its unwanted head up to rope us into yet more anger, grief, blaming, and outbursts that are sourced in that same original cause!  It’s like our own subconscious “Whack a Mole”! Are we never to be rid of that lineage of pain that keeps yanking us down, especially in these days of intensification of the Aquarian purifying energies pushing us like heck!

So, just imagine a 3-D spiral that looks like a spring.  And imagine that your first healing on that spiral is at the bottom of it.  We think all is done!  But then, when we are not looking, we are called to heal yet more parts of that original Trance with higher, more profound and expansive results each time.   That is, we do this in a progression of several different levels over time, like climbing up a ladder on one side of the spring spiral.  That starts with healing the most fundamental aspect first, then moving up--healing the many progressive spiritual levels of the spiral to finally become the Whole Human.

For instance, when I was a child, perhaps my mom made me feel small and unworthy when I tried to express my opinions, or what I knew as Truth.  As a result, I then had a really hard time connecting to, or expressing myself to anyone.  Under it all, I was terrified that if others really knew me from what I said or thought, they would disapprove of me, ridicule me, and ignore me.  These are the residues of the way my “operating system,” my EDS was formed under the guidance of my mom when I was so young.  Those reactive feelings are now stored in my subconscious as Trances, and of course are the foundation of the way that I relate to “my world” now.

Then, I am fortunate enough to go through very deep healing with this situation.  With Heart Breath  and the Frequency of Forgiveness , I have given up a great degree of that automatic power over me that made me feel that I would never be able to connect with others because the fear of repercussions was just too great!  With my healing, I am now able to just be my simple self, love others and allow them to love me—one to one.  What an extraordinary milestone!  The gift of healing!

But now, after a while, I am being called upon by my very Soul, feeling compelled by unexpected circumstances to open even more to create a safe space and direction for my whole community to heal.  In fact, those in charge are really unpredictable and can at times be horrific towards anyone to whom they judge themselves superior, or not worthy of their recognition and kindness due to their own fears and lack of kindness in their young years or past lifetimes. 

Now what?  If I step forward to speak up for kindness and love all around, I will surely be ridiculed and shunned.  Yikes!  My old fears coming up to haunt me again.  Do I have Soul’s Presence to again be simple, forgiving and kind enough to support a wave of group healing, however Soul would lead me to contribute my part?  Hmm.

Well, do you see that this level of healing may have been formed by that same relationship with my mom as a child, but now I am also being asked by my actual God Self to heal further so that I may unselfconsciously share the reality of my own love, kindness and acceptance to provide a healing space for so many more? 

Even though I thought that I had fully healed those painful origins years ago, this whole new shebang gives me yet another opportunity to heal and expand even more.  So, now my current healing has come around to a higher rung on the spiral--this time to include situations that are additional and “bigger” than what I healed earlier.  That might be a deeper understanding of my relationship with my mom from so many years ago. 

And, it might also include healing a past lifetime in which I was a benevolent community leader but was defeated by underhanded politics.  Now, in this present life, I get to help heal not only myself of more fear of exposure, but also those who initially undermined me (Soul Pacts), and who are now in control of my current community.  And also heal myself for letting down the good folks of that original past life community who are now being persecuted in various ways in this current community (more Soul Pacts).  Wow!  That is a huge expansion in personal healing!

And so, it goes on and on!  This is the Healing Spiral when we continue to move up the staircase of our FGOs (F…… Growth Opportunities), that are our difficult karmic challenges, over and over again.  These are our karmic opportunities to heal, grow and expand at every level until we finally, fully “GET” Who we are.  And of course, that is finally sinking into, or fully allowing God’s perception, knowing and pure loving to be purely present and flowing in this time/space vehicle that we call ourselves!  With all that healing at all levels, we are no longer bound by our Trances.  We finally, bit by bit recognize ourselves as the All in All!

This is the Path to Liberation, or HOME where we come from and where we truly belong!