The Soul Tango!


Haven’t you heard me for years say “Dance with Soul”?

Well, for now we have dubbed this incredible practice taught to us by Soul as the “Soul Tango”!  And here is how it works:

First, you listen to your beloved Soul, your very own God Self to get your guidance, direction, love and support. That page will give you the instructions to listen to your Divine Soul for the answers that you need. 

Now be very aware that those answers that you want are not necessarily the ones that you/your “Everyday Self“—(“EDS” for short), actually will give you. (EDS is made up of your ego, societal goals, parental/family goals, fear and fear aversion, need to be recognized, old debilitating story lines, etc.)

Oh, no!  In fact, Soul’s answers rarely are what your EDS was counting on.  For instance, you might think that you want Soul to give you an answer to a question such as, “How do I get that particular job that I want?”  Perhaps you figure that job would give you the money, prestige, power, ease, acceptance, etc. that your EDS craves.  But then when you ask Soul, you might get total silence.  So, now what? 

Well, actually this is the first step with Soul in this Tango dance of a relationship! 

So, you back up a couple of moves and try switching your question around to something like, “Soul, what should I do with my life now?”  Let Soul tell you what to do.  So, Soul might say, “Start your business that you have been dreaming of now.”  Hmm.  So, if you need it, you can continue exploring that scenario with Soul, such as, “Where would I get my start-up funds?  Who will help me? Where and how should I sell my products?” and more.  Write down all the answers!  Every one of them is valid for this moment and you can depend on those impeccable answers, I assure you.  You are getting these answers from the most cozy, loving, Top Dog of Creation—your very God Self!  

But then, if you keep asking the same questions—especially if you are not quite believing Soul , especially if this is the 3rd or 4th time you have asked the same question, but have not acted on the advice already given, then Soul will surely be silent and will not utter another word until you have already taken the steps that Soul has already given you!  No, Soul/God has not abandoned you, you have abandoned Soul/God.

On the other hand, Soul may give you directions in very quick order.  This is when the dance can get really heated and passionate.  But keep up with these quick changes!  The reward flows from following these orders “military style,” such as “Right Face, Left Face, About Face, Forward March!”  Just stay in the present, totally focused on and following Soul’s quick directions, but with pure ease, called “Sahej”.  This commitment surely builds your trust in Soul, even if you get “white-knuckled” while keeping up.  This Soul Technique really breaks down any aversion to change that you may have had.  Do Heart Breath, the Frequency of Forgiveness, and trust Soul!

Now remember, you are not trying to control Soul/God to do your will, but as a Seeker of the Divine, rather you are seeking Soul’s will for you!  This is how you grow on the spiritual path—“not my will, but Thy will be done.”  Now, this doesn’t mean that Soul will put you in a work camp, make you fail, and more.  No, indeedy!  Although Soul may just put you in situations that will put you powerfully face to face with your own blocks so that you may take the opportunity to heal them, perhaps under some pressures until you finally surrender your blocks to Soul, especially using Heart Breath , and dissolving those blockages with neutral forgiveness .

So, you see, the Soul Tango is about:

Do you see now that in this Soul Tango you are constantly evolving, moving with Soul, healing the old blocks that you haven’t even noticed that you carry because you thought that your blockages were your identity, your truth, the way your world was “supposed to be”?  Here’s the secret!  Soul will support us, guide us and challenge us in every way to transform those blocks so that we may best open ourselves to pure LOVE, TRUST and TRUTH, which of course is the experience of being Soul, and being Soul with flow, generosity, gratitude and ease. 

So, give the Soul Tango a whirl and see what you and Soul come up with!

Lots of Love,



Copyright 2019, Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa