Healing the Lineage


Did you ever wonder why Yogi Bhajan let us know that in liberating ourselves, we also liberate seven generations back as well as seven generations forward?  What a puzzle, OMG!

Maybe you hold your ancestors in esteem, especially as many Asian cultures do.  But healing them as you also heal yourself may seem to be a pretty daunting outlook!  And what about the fact that your children, along with their children and so on forward for seven generations carry your samskaras, or Trances www.SoulAnswer.com/trances.html that show up “out of nowhere” in your full lineage of grandchildren?  That doesn’t mean that every one of them picks up all your embedded challenges, but several of your grandchildren do inherit your emotional tendencies.

There is even a scientific study of this outrageous phenomenon.  It is called epigenetics!  That is, there are chemical “methyl groups” that are attached to your genes that turn your genes on, off and in-between.  They can be inherited from your ancestors, or appear as a result from your own healthy or unhealthy lifestyle—your diet and exercise, or critical stress, or loss of support, and so on. 

These methyl groups are produced in the body as a result of a range of either so many stressors that can cause actual damage, or perhaps they are born of health-building situations that are supportive, such as lots of kind words and holding of you from when you were a baby with fond support on through now, and so much more.  And of course, the opposite or lack of those nourishing situations will cause your methyl groups to strangle your genes so that your body and emotions can’t support the health of your own continually working/reproducing genes.  And the methyl groups on your genes can actually be inherited from your ancestors!

In a Japanese study, mice where given an electric shock when they touched or smelled the lovely cherry blossoms in their cages.  Then their offspring, the second-generation mice were not tested, but were saved out to produce a third generation of mice.   But then when cherry blossoms were introduced to the cages of that third generation, even without the electric shock, these youngest mice kept far away from the cherry blossoms that were introduced into their environments without instructions or examples from any of their elders.  These guys just “knew” to stay away for no other reason than they were affected by the methyl groups on their genes, that they had inherited from their grandparents.

Other studies have also proven this inherited behavior, such as with the descendants of Ashkenazi Jews who were so unimaginably mal-treated in Nazi concentration camps. Their grandchildren had inherited behaviors similar to those of their grandparents—depression and extreme anxiety for no observable reason.  Click here to read more about that.

Another example from one of my Healees was that she had a feeling of underlying shame. When I suggested that this might be from an ancestor, we deeply, meditatively  tuned into that probable cause.  That appeared to be a young woman, who later identified as our Healee’s grandmother.  As a teenager, she evidently lived in a very conservative religious community.  She was quite attractive and because she had an innocent and lively personality, the young men turned their attentions on her.

However, the elders decided that she was too sexual and was actually flirting with the boys, so they shamed her, which totally subdued her beauty and her liveliness.  And she never enjoyed the rest of her life due to that shame.  That is what our Healee had inherited.

We healed that with our old friends—our most effective healing techniques of Heart Breath, www.SoulAnswer.com/heart_breath.hmtl , and Frequency of Forgiveness www.SoulAnswer.com/frequency_of_forgiveness.html that appeared to dissolve the stored energetic recordings of that memory.  In making a leap, I would say that the trance, or that next higher subtle layer of energy was embedding that methyl group into her system so that it played out again regularly in the Healee so subtly, yet so powerfully.

Check out Catalyst Yogi’s wonderful You Tube video talk that includes a healing meditation.  https://youtu.be/GTkF6bbbcpQ  Be aware and please do your healing work!  This is how you truly love yourself and your ancestors!