As a healer, I am beginning to wonder if change is the very hardest process to adopt for ourselves.  Nature is so natural in this “change” thing.  You know that if you have ever grown a garden.  Every day when you go out to tend your sweet garden, or even just to visit or check in, something is changing there!  New shoots, blooms or fruits/veggies are developing!  Older stuff is dying, giving up the ghost without regret, without tears, without a fight, because they are giving way for new growth.  That is what we call the “organic way,” the way of all living things.

And yet when it comes time to let go of an aspect of ourselves--our self-knowledge that we have grown out of, such as your job that no longer suits you and your abilities (maybe the goals of the organization have gone cuckoo so that you no longer fit in or align with them); or your long-time social group hangs onto old, annoying ways of seeing your world—perhaps something like “soft racism,” that may be subtle like “soft porn,” but it still smacks of the “hard stuff”.  Or perhaps running with old ways of thinking such as, “If I am in charge of--this group of people, my spouse, my acquaintances, etc., then I will be looked up to, and my life will prove to be worthwhile.”  But in that quest, do you do your best to bend others to your viewpoint, or your will, or your manufactured self-projection, e.g. “stable genius.”  Do you justify that because this for their own good,” which in fact, is Your Own Good because you want/need to be accepted in a certain light?

These are just little tidbits that we are talking about now, but I bet that you get the idea, Sweet One.  So, my question now is, do you have the inner fortitude, the pure courage, the absolute connection to your own beloved Soul’s Truth that it takes to shed at least bits of your old identity, your overused ego that is keeping you stuck in your well-worn identity of who you are, and who you have to be in order to connect with your world? 

Are you willing for that old stuck part of your conscious self-identity that may have served you in the past to, for instance portray yourself as “perfect” because of course “a yoga teacher has to be perfect,”—are you willing to let that false identity transform, and just let your real self, your imperfect self, hang out while you laugh at/with yourself, and have fun with your old self-aggrandizement?  Wouldn’t that be a fine way to encourage others to forgive themselves, love themselves, and be themselves while doing their best to cozy up to their own Divine Soul who loves them just the way they are, no matter what level of growth, perfection/imperfection they may be on right now?  Now that is perfection on another level, wouldn’t you say?  But it takes Growth and Change to get there!

Isn’t living as the Real You who is totally committed to growth and change, which comes down to purely relaxing in the Divine--isn’t that the most important thing on this spiritual quest?  Yogi Bhajan said that the spiritual path is about changing your identity—that is your entire consciousness or Operating System of who/Who you are.  That means that you surrender, you accept that you on both the grand and minute scale are God/Soul, and that you, your ego, your “everyday self” listens entirely to your sweet Soul’s direction and follows it at every step, at every thought.  That is where your deep courage and unrelenting transformation of fear come into play.  This is how you grow, Sweet One.  Give it a shot.  BE Who you are.  Let go of the old and open to the Real You!