What a remarkable story to share with you today!


“'I Chose Life:' Rescued Hiker Amanda Eller Recounts Incredible Survival Story in Hawaii Jungle”

As you know, I never quit harping on the benefits of listening to and living in Soul—your actual God Self for all your guidance, your place of Truth, your pure Presence, and so much more.  Also, about solving/healing your karmic “trances,” or stuck energy programs in order to come more and more into your own True Self, with your very real Destiny here on Earth.
Well, have you heard yet about the 35-year old yoga instructor and doctor of physical therapy who got "lost" in the rugged forest of Maui, Hawaii for 17 days?  She was miraculously found less than a couple of weeks ago.  In her re-counting of her experience, she was totally emphatic that she followed her guidance—her Voice, Spirit, God, Source or whatever you want to call it—of course I call it Soul, on what turned out to be her most extraordinary healing Quest “lost” in the Maui forest.  To hear her tell her story herself, you can see her incredible news conference on May 28, 2019 just a few days after her rescue on YouTube:
This is Amanda and her rescuers of Love!
I found it amazing that the first week, she had to deal with her feeling like an absolute victim, “Why me?” until Soul had her snap out of it and just BE in the Presence of Soul to “choose Life” and take Soul’s direction at every moment.  If she slid out of that powerful Presence, even for a moment, “things” would happen, such as a sprained ankle, a cut, a 20 ft. drop that caused a bone fracture in her leg, and so on.
She was a practiced and avid meditator, and she had a couple of wonderful healers working with her before this astonishing event, preparing her mentally and spiritually for the rigors to come, although she could not possibly imagine beforehand the actual life and death situations that would come her way.  Her Soul clearly told her, at least after the event that this was all meant to happen to bring this awareness of her Guidance to the world.  Although I am truly amazed that most of the people who have commented on her ordeal on YouTube have no clue about what really happened!
But her authenticity of being guided so perfectly by Soul is so very palpable!  Take heart and encouragement for you to get into shape with Soul.
Now, Soul keeps letting us know that if we truly want to triumph through the “difficult times to come” that Yogi Bhajan warned us about so very often over many years as we move into this transition to the Aquarian Age, we need to gain the unshakable habit of listening so extremely diligently to our incredible Soul and following Its direction!  This is actually the Life-giving concepts of Sunnia and Mannai of Guru Nanak’s Japji Sahib.
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Siri-Gian Kaur