Do you suppose that this “survival trait” leading to dominance might actually be at the heart of racism and more? "If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all!" from Yogi Bhajan
At this amazing Solstice time, I am so blessed to have my dear family here in NM!  Sunday, we had a delightful family brunch together.  May I suggest that you all gather with your loved ones to share the beauty and kindness of each other’s hearts.
In our conversation, my sweet son-in-law, GuruMeher Singh related concepts from a book that he is reading called “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari.  A theory postulated by the author was that way, way back there were a number of “strains” of Hominoids, of which Homo Sapiens was only one group. Another group were Neanderthals, and so on.  He said that Homo Sapiens became dominant because they could recognize not only their own tribe of perhaps 100 people contributing to their shared group survival such as food gathering, protection, shelter, etc., but when needed—such as in conflicts with other Hominoid groups, Homo Sapiens recognized other groups of the same species as their own, and so would band together in opposition to the other Hominoid groups.  So, this banding together with other tribes like them is the trait that brought about the dominance of Homo Sapiens, while the other strains of Hominoids either died out or were subsumed by Homo Sapiens. 
Do you suppose that this “survival trait” leading to dominance might actually be at the heart of racism and more?
What a revelation!  For decades I have been seeing social identity as such a powerful controller of individual identity.  This social identity can be manipulated so easily by different “leaders,” such as religious, political, social and business leaders or even celebrities who come up with the party line, the group focus/goals, and the structures to interconnect the individuals of a similar group.  And if the party line is not followed, that is if a “member” deviates in any way, they are ostracized, excommunicated or shunned and basically thrown out of their protective group—a real existential threat that controls what we think, do, say, who we associate with, etc.  We see very powerful versions of this in our old high school cliques, don’t we?  This is real group identity, and it appears to arise from that primordial human condition that Yogi Bhajan called the “longing to belong”. 
But in our human, Homo Sapien evolution, we are beginning to see a longing from our hearts to go way beyond those barriers.  In the terms of “carrot and stick” impetus for change, from the “stick” side, it is predicted that there will be pure social breakdown.  In other words, the boundaries of our old social groups will break down because they only hurt us, because they bring about too much conflict and so don’t protect us anymore.  Those old divisions also inflict tons of repression on individuals who are pushed by their divine Souls to create ways of Truth, Love and Joy.  And it is predicted that institutions that we have built, such as banks, formal businesses, e.g. grocery stores, governments, etc.—as they fall into disfunction will no longer be capable of offering us security and safety in the trying times ahead.
But on the “carrot” side of this profound evolutionary process, we will finally have no choice but to go way beyond the lower barriers of group identity to drop those restrictive boundaries to discover that true group cohesion comes directly from the heart of each one connecting to the hearts of others.  And that cuts through all the other identities that have separated us for so long—eons! 
Our Souls are most often felt and expressed through the pure love that emanates from our cleared hearts.  Imagine if the only path to survival, to belonging was absolutely based in this pure experience of love given, received and shared!  This, my Dears is the description of the blessed Aquarian Age that we, as humans have been calling/waiting for, for so very long.  Why not get a leg up on this evolutionary process by seeing, feeling and partaking in the God/love in every heart, no matter what kind of social conditioning or judgment rears its ugly head to continue to separate us with huge habitual judgment and subconscious ancient adherence to our social subgroups?  Go beyond, go to God!
This process of profound healing begins with neutral forgiveness!


 “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all!”  Yogi Bhajan.


Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur