Solstice Dust Devil Debacle

The day of Summer Solstice, June 21, 2019 gratefully gave me total confirmation that what Yogi Bhajan had been teaching us all those years was coming true!  Something outrageous and incredible happened!

He said that in the coming times of chaos that will present themselves as we transform to the energies of the Aquarian Age, we will primarily need to depend on our intuition—that is the practice of listening to and following the God consciousness within as is advised in Japji Sahib (Sunnia/Mannai) by Guru Nanak in the 1500s in India! 

Now have you seen just how many meditations and yoga kriyas are devoted to developing your intuition?  And of course, directly listening to your very own Soul—its Voice and Its nudges are at the heart of your intuition.  www.SoulAnswer.com/soul.html .  So, we—about 2,800 of us from around the globe have been participating in “3HO Summer Solstice Sadhana” up here on the mountain near Espanola, NM for about 10 days of Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), early morning sadhana, meditation, praying, chanting, healing, sharing hearts together, with amazing classes in yogic living, and doing the most powerful White Tantric Yoga on Tues., Wed. and Thurs.  Participants live in their personal tents and run all aspects of camp and program support.

So, you can imagine the “site” looking over the valley to exquisite blue-veiled tall mountains on the other side.  On the land itself—“Ram Das Puri” is the huge metal roofed and cement floored “Tantric Shelter,” plus two enormous white circus-type tents, each more than half a football field size or more, that are each supported by at least 10 very tall heavy metal poles, making graceful peaks in their huge rooflines, with approx. 4”x4”x8’ tall vertical wooden supports around the surrounding side walls.  One of those tents was used as the Bazaar marketplace to house everything for sale—clothing, malas, turbans, sheepskins, yoga mats, refreshments and so much more, along with many different kinds of healing treatments.  This is where my “booth” was located as I offered healing treatments each day.

I have been talking to so many people to put together exactly what happened in all aspects of this outrageous event, and have done my best to pull it together here for you, which I will try to run through chronologically.

About 1 PM on Friday, June 21, 2019 it happened!  I later saw a photo of a huge vertical white, cloud-looking column—maybe hundreds of feet high, appearing against a brilliant clear strong blue NM sky.  Here in New Mexico, we call these “miniature” tornadoes Dust Devils.  They are usually fairly small.  They pick up the dust of the desert soil and swirl it in vortexes that move across the land in very animated ways and quickly die out.  In the photo, this never-before-seen gigantic Dust Devil column was evidently approaching from behind one of those white tents—near the kitchen building.  So, from what I could see, that while column appeared to rise directly above that large white tent.  That’s the one that was chock full of 3’x6’ folding heavy plywood-topped tables with myriads of white folding chairs.  It was called the “dining tent” where folks could eat their meals and visit with one another in relative comfort and shade. At this time, many of our yogis were hanging there.

Everything happened almost instantly!  The report from the nearby dish-washing area was that they felt a huge gush of wind or maybe a vacuum force as they heard and saw several of the big blue porta-potties upended! 

Then observers from a distance saw this whole huge dining tent rise towards the sky like a hot air balloon, then billows flowed across its surface as the tent was moved down-wind, finally dropping the entire tent with its huge metal poles and more down again on many fleeing people.

The terrorized folks on the inside instantly saw the swirling dust coming at them, but they all acknowledged that it was moving much too fast to run from!  Heavy wooden tables, the approx. 50’ tall heavy metal pole masts that had supported the tent roof, all the approx. hundred 4”x4”x8’ tall wooden wall supports, and the large heavy tables were all flying in a random melee of horror when the tent lifted off the ground, and then descended on all of them, trapping so many under it!  So many had been wounded by these flying and falling objects, but we are so grateful that everyone survived!

Now, to my way of thinking, here are the most astounding things that happened next:


Everyone outside the tent came running immediately to the chaotic scene to help!  There were calls and cries for help from those trapped under the fallen white tent that now lay like a gigantic rumpled bed sheet over the land.

Within seconds coordinated hands lifted the heavy plastic tent walls and beams to uncover the victims.  Most were physically OK, but many had suffered traumatic shock.  There were many who bore varying degrees of physical injury.  Right away, our many doctors and nurses showed up, professionally announcing themselves, performing triage, and giving immediate aid. I have not heard of any bloody casualties.  Individual “pods” of about 10 to 12 helpers and healers arrived to encircle each of the wounded, giving solace, water, shade, care, kindness and upliftment.  Final count was 15 injured enough to go to the hospitals.  No one was left unaided or uncared for!  Chanting to Guru Ram Das for healing and divine support began spontaneously and immediately under the Tantric Shelter. 

Others respectfully kept their distance as the ambulances from Espanola arrived, traveling on that rocky, dusty dirt road 8 miles up the mountain.  Up to 3 injured people were loaded into each ambulance.  Evidently emergency arrangements had been made by our responsive camp coordinators immediately, which included specific reports from the doctors. 

A side note:

Before Solstice began, our respected lawyer--now retired, and over the last several years, a trusted EMT (emergency medical tech) Guru Terath Singh, had let the head of 3HO, Pritpal Kaur and Events Director Anand Singh know that we didn’t have anywhere on the property where a helicopter could land in an emergency.  So, before this Solstice, they scraped out a clear, level “chopper pad.”  That turned out to be God-send because one of our people with serious injuries had to be air-lifted to the Trauma Center in Albuquerque over 100 miles south.

GuruMeher Singh reported that seeing each person spontaneously jump to their specific job created a communal “bee-hive-like mind,” or Group Consciousness resulting in a whole coordinated response, with no one person actually giving orders!

He said that he felt that he should move the scattered folding chairs to make a border around the scene, as someone else tied lengths of orange plastic tape from chair to chair to make a kind of “police perimeter.”  Others were collecting the belongings of those who had fallen to keep them organized and safe.  Trash was all cleaned up in minutes.  One person observed afterwards that the broad heavy nylon bands that held the tent to the unmoved long iron stakes anchored in the ground had been sheared apart into strings by the force of that rabid wind on the “entry” side of the tent nearest the kitchen.

The point is that apparently every person at the camp immediately felt/intuited their own particular place to be, job to do, or position to take.  The Great Consciousness was evidently orchestrating the whole dynamic scenario from a “high” vantage point so that every response to this outrageous emergency was being so beautifully coordinated through each one who was present!  No conflicts, no screaming, no “false-starts.”

For my part:

Since I was scheduled to start healing appointments at the Bazaar at 2 pm, I arrived at the Site with my granddaughter Surya at 1:45.  During Solstice, I spend the nights at my own home in the Espanola Valley, then I drive up the “hill” each day.  Since we didn’t know anything about that crazy event yet, we were surprised to find that no one was allowed in the Bazaar tent for another few hours until it had been inspected by the tent company for safety.  Then friends there unfolded the basic elements of that outrageous tale, as we watched the last few injured folks who had been tended to, covered and lying on the ground being loaded into ambulances, the medevac helicopter arriving and departing, and the individual pods of helpers and healers dispersing.

Usually in these kinds of events, Soul pulls me to do healing with the injured.  But I was surprised that that day, no such guidance was given to me.  Since I would not be able to see my scheduled “healees” for at least hours, I just felt that I should go home.  But on the way down the “hill,” I heard Soul kindly suggesting that I go to the Emergency Room at the Espanola Hospital to give hugs and be a grandma to our folks there.  “Sure!” I replied to Soul. “Right up my alley!”

So, in the waiting room, I found about 20 to 30 of our folks—some with injuries who had not been seen by the doctors yet, with some of their supportive friends and families.  What a pleasure to hug them all, teaching healing Heart Breath www.SoulAnswer.com/heart_breath.html to many and letting them know that they were all loved and cared for.  Another lady from our local Espanola Ashram Community also showed up and “adopted” the most injured lady of that group along with her tent mate who was helping the injured one as best she could.

Then the kind nurse from the locked ER invited me in to hug our folks in the beds of those many “triage bay” rooms.  I felt so blessed and grateful to be with each one of them!

Finally, as the doctors evaluated each one—which included x-rays and CT scans, one was admitted to the hospital for surgery and the rest were released, apparently with heavy bruising, strong marks left by flying tables, and a couple of skull whacks.  The question was, if the released ones didn’t have family and friends there at the hospital, where would they go for the night and how would they get there, especially if they couldn’t walk across the camp site due to the pain from their injuries.

Luckily a wonderfully compassionate lady from 3HO who had a strong organized mind, Ranjeet Kaur showed up at the hospital to find out each one’s situation, and help figure how they could be covered for the night, and how they would be able to leave the site for the Albuquerque airport or other travel means with all their stuff during the next day, which was the end of our Solstice encampment.

So, I happily took the two lovely Japanese ladies. As we were leaving the hospital, we met their two friends who showed up in the nick of time. What a precious reunion they had!  We all shared a yummy NM dinner then returned to my house with the 2 Japanese injured ones.  There, my son-in-law, GuruMeher Singh was blowing up an air mattress, and my daughter Siri Atma Kaur was making the beds on the floor for them to sleep the night!

I learned the next day, that a kind and capable 3HO professional, Hari Charan Kaur was dispatched to the wounded camper that had been flown to Albuquerque to support her and help organize things for her and her family who were arriving from CA.

The morning after the event, at breakfast I taught our Japanese ladies that most powerful meditation for Fear Eradication, www.SoulAnswer.com/fear_eradication.html .  Then we loaded ourselves and their crutches into the car and bounced up to the site again, where wonderful, kind folks, helped to find their tents and all their stuff.  Their great Japanese friend, Ajit Kaur along with Pritpal Kaur, head of 3HO helped to organize their complicated journeys to the airport.

When one of them became unsettled by all this overwhelming uncertainty, I asked her to remember how help seemingly floated in just when they needed it.  Over the past 18 hours, we had all been living in that miracle zone!  So, I asked her to “Trust the Flow!” which is living in the action of Soul putting everything together, miraculously.  That calmed her right down and gave her great comfort!  Let’s all do that, all the time—the real trustworthy Aquarian Way!

I was struck by the energetic feeling from all of the people from the Solstice event that I met. They felt so palpably strong, open, capable, efficient and humble, yet so soft, clam, compassionate and kind.  And I heard this same experience described by so many others!

Now, I am completely assured that Yogi Bhajan’s teachings have prepared us so beautifully to handle our intuited response to any disaster.  I saw all that in action from this outrageous Dust Devil Debacle and its healing aftermath.  Now, I have seen first-hand how elevated group Consciousness works on this earth-plane.  Be with Soul!  Do your sadhana!

One more thing.  It appears that whether a person suffered a physical injury or not, they still may be carrying the shock of the event as PTSD.  So, I would suggest practicing 40 days of the “Meditation for Stress or Sudden Shock” originally published in the now-out-of-print “Survival Kit” Manual, copyright 1980, to reset your nervous system and aura.  www.SoulAnswer.com/sudden_shock.html

And, of course please send healing Heart Breath www.SoulAnswer.com/heart_breath.html and the RaMaDaSa healing meditation https://www.3ho.org/kundalini-yoga/mantra/ra-ma-da-sa-sa-say-so-hung-ultimate-healing-tool to all who were injured or affected by this event.  It really does make a big difference!

Bless you all, and please be sure to do your spiritual work that is so needed to tune into this immensely high, very powerful, enormously practical High Consciousness--continuously!  Be safe in Soul’s love!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur