Dear One,

In 1975, I had a number of truly realistic nightmares that showed me what this Earth might become.  They were pictures that resembled Salvador Dali’s painting “Persistence of Memory.”  I knew that this was quite an urgent matter, so I set about looking for someone else who also knew this.  One was David Sanger, the “oracle” for the Findhorn experiment—if you are old enough to remember that amazing project.  The others were the Bahais—a lovely religion, but none of them had teachings for us to handle the upcoming course of transformation.

Then I met up with Yogi Bhajan!  As you probably have known for a long time, over and over again he would tell us about the approaching turmoil that we would experience globally in our transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age.  He told us that that is why he was giving us this amazing yogic technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, along with the study of Humanolgy—that is all levels of humans living well with consciousness on our precious Earth.  I also heard him say that he came here not to gather students, but to train teachers.  Haven’t you heard that, too?  And he told us that if there were no Khalsa (meaning those of pure heart and mind), there would be no Aquarian Age.

So, now we are entering the predicted “gray period” of this monumental change of Ages.  We can certainly see how efficiently the dark side is showing itself these days.  We used to have an extraordinary manual of Kundalini Yoga with specific meditations for this time, as well as when we get into the real thick of it.  It was called “The Survival Manual.”  Although it is out of print now, KRI gives you free access to many of those great supports in its free, online “Crisis Kit,” that is also printed in MSS Krishna Kaur’s great manual “I Am a Woman, Essential Kriyas.”  They are amazing for both men and women.

But now, have you been feeling a bit jumpy, confused, forgetful, can’t quite put things together well in your mind like you used to, and so on, from time to time, especially happening in the last few months?  Have you seen others “losing it” in great pain and confusion?  These are some of the symptoms of the great, powerful energies entering our planet at this transition stage.  So, I want to give you links to the 5 meditations that the Master gave to prepare for this gray period on the planet to bring mental balance.  Please try them out for yourself as well as teach them to your students.  These are the Master’s gifts to carry us through these unstable times that are predicted to increase.  We understand that all this will finally begin to ease out in 2024 as we enter the real beginning of the promised Aquarian Age for the next few millennia.  Please use, share and teach these supportive kriyas well, blessed One! 

When nothing else works

 To feel cozy and contented

For calm mind and strong nerves.

To become sharp-witted

To prevent aging.

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