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You may have noted that I sometimes sign off posts or emails with the term 'Chardi kala,' meaning eternal, purposeful, and joyous optimism. It is especially relevant to Sikhs during times of suffering, challenge, or strife. This article is about an American (Sikh) that lives in Chardi Kala despite the most horrendous of burdens.  The article is:

Arizona Sikh Preaches Love 18 Years After Brother was Killed Over Turban, Post 9-11


Reply from my "Unnamed" Khalsa Brother: Your posts are bipolar in nature. Typical abuser style.

Reply from Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa:

Dear Khalsa Brother,

As a healer, I have found that all change, all love, all openness to God and Guru are based in surrendering with neutral forgiveness of the deepest and most personally-impersonal kind, as Yogi Bhajan called it. Without truly doing that, we cannot dissolve our own hate, fear, separation, loathing, etc. both for ourselves and others. So, we and our world continue to grow in hate and separation. But when you honestly, humbly give all that habitual hate and victimization to Guru, then you can allow the very real Light of God to shine through you, which is the actual experience of Cherdi Kala! Bowing Jaap Sahib is a great practice to open oneself to God's will--"All that happens is God's Will." SGGS.

And so how do you deal with all that in everyday "real" life? By being fully present while in total, unrestricted partnership with God/Soul/Guru. Remember, in this completely neutral forgiving process, you are not condoning the perpetrator, or accepting his abuse, or letting him off the hook of punishment--which in this case has been handled by the AZ court and prison system, and you are keeping up "the work that must continue to stop the bigots," as JP Leon Singh said. Rather you are freeing yourself from your own seething heart--that is from your habit of your own interior voice of abusiveness to yourself, as well as towards others that keeps that victim/victimizer dialogue going in yourself--so immensely painful!

That continued wounded separation from Consciousness that is blocked by hate, definitely wards off actually realizing your own Sat Nam--your True Self. Living in Cherdi Kala is living your Sat Nam. Truly living in Cherdi Kala does not repress or overlook your grief, anger, fear, etc. Rather our incredible practices heal it, and give a way through it. All of our Kundalini Yoga and Sikh teachings with our practice of them support our evolution to this most humble, kind, flowing, Light-filled high Consciousness of Cherdi Kala. May Guru Ram Das heal us all, and may we allow him to heal us!

Lots of Love and Light to you, my Brother!

Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa