Super Conscious

What do you feel when you truly relax into Heart Breath? This flowing, crystal “place of the Unknown” is where one’s Conscious Mind can actually open to experience, hear, see, know, feel, etc. that which we call God or Soul, as well as guides, saints, angels, spirits, etc.  Here, we can also consciously communicate with the Souls of others, basically because we all share the same Soul that is then differentiated as individuals.  It is also the place of all power which is entirely appropriate to the situations of the moment.  This Super Conscious condition also acts as a conduit to recall our past experiences in this life and other lifetimes, as well as interact with our ancestors’ consciousness, plus lots more.   It is often called the place of “intuition” (not psychic or channeling). 

This Super Conscious, more of a higher dimension, meeting arena, or an energy field that facilitates the Conscious Mind’s (EDS) interaction with:

  1. The easy, intimate, expansive, unfettered experience of, and communication with Soul as well as all those other “spiritual contacts” on the higher planes;
  2. Soul’s and other spirits’ communication with all the other parts of the EDS on a very subtle, very real, interactive “playing field,” that allows effectively working with one’s Trances.
  3. Delivery of prophetic dreams and apparitions.

The purpose of employing this Super Conscious is to heal, free, guide and make genuine changes within the EDS.  Its feeling and awareness are distinctly different from that of EDS cognizance.  It is experienced as the elevated, expansive yet cozy, timeless dimension, energy field, or “place” that is accessed through a state of receptive, meditative, neutral mind.  Since this level is not accessed by our normal thinking minds, once you reach this “place” or dimension, please refer to the section of this book called “How to Listen to Soul” for more directions on how to be in that state of Super Consciousness and how to communicate within it. 

Access to this “place” of the Super Conscious is often blocked by any number of Trances that actually cut your easy, unfettered contact with that “space,” and consequently to Soul.  That very painful emotion, or sense of being lost and alone are the actual experiences of the separation between Soul and EDS, which is known as “Duality”.  The Soul is never shattered because that is the actual Infinite God Source.  Rather access to the Soul can be blocked or shattered, causing that experience of being deeply wounded even at one’s primal source.  True healing seeks to transform and clear that broken or blocked access to Soul by way of the Super Conscious conduit.  This transformation would facilitate consequent joining or partnering between EDS (all aspects of the psyche and consciousness) and Soul, putting Soul in charge of that sacred partnership.  This condition within the Human is called Unity, Wholeness, or transformation out of Duality. 


And of course, there are many additional arenas of conscious experience, such as the astral, or leaving one’s body in the “leave or freeze” fear response from the Sympathetic Nervous System that I won’t get into here, because that would be too distracting for now, and fill lots more books.  But those other aspects definitely are real and experienceable.