Dealing with Impeachment

I was so very struck by Nancy Pelosi’s words on this Impeachment Process.  To paraphrase, she said that because this process is so very divisive on the nation, she really did not want to lead us there.  She said that she has come to this decision very prayerfully, with deep consideration for all sides and our joined future as a nation. 

And so, my Dear One, Soul asks that we also approach this huge process, not as finally “getting the goods on ‘them’,” but as a great opportunity to begin to heal this immense divide among the citizens of this great country.  That includes taking back our own Divine Power from the “Controllers,” as we recognize and follow our own Soul’s guidance from within.  That prompts us to consciously use our God-given power, or say-so in every aspect of our lives while not giving over our sovereignty to others to do as they wish, even as they extract our loyalty.  It is time to come to a new day of compassionate unity, protection, and nurturance among all in this country—“E Pluribus Unum”—from ManyàOne.  And this powerful attitude extends to all Global Citizens as the basis of our foreign policy relationships, and of course supports profound healing for our precious Mother Earth.

This is the heart of our switch from the “old ways” from antiquity of being controlled—not for our welfare, but for the controllers’ benefit.  This opportunity to switch from that which keeps us down, to that which joins us at the heart with care and love, by standing in Divine Truth as we insist on discovering pure Truth all ‘round is the foundation of this transition from the Piscean paradigm to Aquarian care for each one, and for the Whole of us.

So, how can we transverse this tightrope of total awareness and transformation on both personal and collective levels without breaking any sweet ties of love and kindness that may actually bind our hearts together?  Please meditate on this with me, and be sure to take your cues from Soul www.SoulAnswer.com/soul.html at every step.

  • Begin with Heart Breath www.SoulAnswer.com/heart_breath.html to help us all differentiate the Truth from our own most hurt, panicked, “I-told-you-so”, fearful, blaming emotions that will only tear us apart, and create a greater divide. Perhaps we can finally heal that terrible Civil War of the 1860s will all of its horrible human transgressions, along with healing the original takeover of this plentiful land from its ancient, original inhabitants, and so much more that continues to hang in our inherited cultural consciousness.  To support this mammoth transformation, please remain centered and balanced at every turn.
  • Insist that the whole TRUTH be laid out from every direction, while staying laser-focused on this particular event. Eliminate confusion as you remain open.  Stand firm and hold your ground--warrior-style, but don’t fall for fighting, undermining or domineering.  Be sure to support your two US Senators and your House Representative in their divine work to uncover the Truth, no matter which party they ascribe to.  They need to know that they have your back in what can be a most intimidating struggle.  Thank them for any personal sacrifices they may need to make in this daunting process, especially if you live in a “Red” state.  And actually lend your helpful hand in any way that you can.  Then it goes without saying: VOTE!  And help others as well to fulfill our most sacred duty of democracy.
  • Keep your eye on the goal! That is to dig so far down to the TRUTH, that we expose the bedrock of strength, kindness, compassion, justice, liberty and diversified Unity that is the pure foundational promise of our nation’s “group consciousness.”  That defined structure with all of its protections for the people was laid out in our most inspired US Constitution along with other of our founders’ contemporaneous writings.  It has also served as an extraordinary template for many other world democracies.  Then as we have seen, if we don’t constantly uphold our Constitutional democracy, we go the way of totalitarian governments of kings and tyrants with their cronies--their embedded controllers, and their sycophants.  We are American, not just by birthright or naturalization, or other supposed group qualities, but because we all adhere to this most unique covenant outlined as law in our Constitution.  That binds us together, along with all the “Constitutional” laws that flow from that original agreement. 
  • To grow this pure Patriotism of the People, we are required to continue to search out the root of true integrity in our own lives, and that of our shared Union, in all of its phases. Free-up that process with powerful, neutral “Frequency of Forgiveness” www.SoulAnswer.com/frequency_of_forgiveness.html  that dissolves what obstructs and severely separates us.  Listen hard, with respect for the Truth and yearnings in our national siblings, so we may amalgamate from our shared Source.  Let’s kindly invite our compatriots in this Great Experiment of Democracy to hold hands with us in this true upgrade to what promotes and protects our prosperous life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness with dignity, courage, kindness, strength, and allegiance to Truth on all levels.  That illuminates and alleviates the Dark of the ages with pure Divine Light.  Hold to Soul and send tons of healing Heart Breath everywhere to ease us through this most challenging time of transition to the Aquarian Age!

Lots of Love,