Why Soul Answer?

There is no “group-think” or social dictum that can actually lead an individual, a community or a nation to be deep peace, contentment, and true prosperity.

Yet it is an intrinsic human need to belong, i.e. a deep, ineffable connection so often motivates us to assume our goals, self-judgment, judgment of others, and our sense of the “right course of action” from the concepts of our prevailing social group.

On one hand, this course has brought tremendous advances in culture, science and social awareness over the ages. But on the other hand, we have seen this human tendency to abdicate personal power to the Group or Group leaders/controllers for benefits such as protection, or personal identity based in the Group; or from fear of being ostracized, tortured or even killed—physically, mentally, emotionally, economically, etc. Or the need to belong may arise from seeking self-gain over group members at the expense of the excluded, or even the group itself.

Insidious threats of suffering as an “outsider” to the group, combined with implied promises of happiness if we toe the line are what keep us hooked. Then we institutionalize our common inhumanity with propaganda, gossip, self-righteousness masquerading as integrity, malicious judgment or undermining of the “opposition” or “unworthy” or “insignificant”. And we seal this social contract by unexamined adherence to the leader, their spokespersons, henchmen, party line, and rules of membership—both written and implied.

This “fascist” organizational style is so ubiquitous that we adhere to it as our daily truth. It is often how we live! We may not like that social order or control, but what do we do to change it?

We can see this drama played out in the maneuverings of the high school “popular” clique; political parties who grab power by promulgating lies, distrust, anger, building fear and masking subversion under the illusion of promoting voters’ best interest; religions—from seemingly innocuous yet self-righteous church groups to the full force of ISIS; from the Crusades, the Inquisition, slavery, racism, misogyny, homophobia, organized decimation of native populations, their lands and culture—all sanctioned by governments and churches as the “natural order”; to complicity with the privileged classes’ feudal-like dominance over struggling citizens who actually build the wealth; to World Wars and conflicts of all sizes; from families that wound each other to domestic violence and abuse; to self-hate and shame for being “different” and therefore thrown away; to destruction of the environment and our natural food production chain for corporate gain; to systematic black-listing and red-lining; advertising that manipulates people’s insecurity and fear of losing social approval; and the list goes on.

Without a truly substantial personal anchor or an impeccably trustworthy wisdom, these communal shenanigans can all lead to wide-spread insecurity, negation of self-love and self-confidence, and kill acceptance of Who we intrinsically are. There is no place for us or others on Earth in these solid (anti-) social structures. This exploitation of our basic need to belong produces sheer cruelty, corruption, and limitless confusion that drive people to mental aberrations and addictions to numb their pain. Where is the happiness and fulfillment that we crave?


Freedom from our historic inhumanity is what Soul Answer delivers! We offer access to sustainable happiness worldwide!

This Soul Answer process starts not with dogma, doctrine, or beliefs—yet more Group Think, but from the individual’s actual EXPERIENCE of the incredibly real presence of Conscious Truth, love, compassion and guidance that is innate within every human!

The problem has been that this inborn awareness of our absolutely trustworthy Self—“Who we really are” has effectively been trained out of us from very early childhood in favor of reprogramming us into the social Group Think described above. This reprogramming away from the small child’s intrinsic “knowing” is the source of our disconnection to Who we really are, to our self-rejection, self-hate, and loss of reliable self-love that feeds so many of our ills. What a poor substitute this hurtful social culture is for what we naturally knew. No wonder we are nuts!

So, the remedy is founded in each individual’s most authentic personal journey. The remedy starts with the actual experience of such cozy, accurate, intimate and loving consciousness of Truth that is sourced within every human—no exceptions! This is the “small, still Voice” from what we call Soul as It unfailingly leads us to break through those habitual mental and emotional adhesions that when triggered ignite and take us over to cause such havoc and unhappiness in our own lives. Then we pass that hurt or injustice along to others, warping our whole social fabric.

Now, devotion to this clear, profoundly appropriate and often surprising direction from our own dynamic Real Self leads us to deep healing within ourselves. This devotion to our Real Self actually clears our neuron pathways, restructures our subtle energetic processes, and frees our embedded mental constructs and emotional reflexes. Kindness, compassion and support of our most exquisite selves as well as for our fellow humans, and whole planet naturally evolve in a very profound way.

And this Guidance leads us to amazingly creative expression and incredible--often remarkably simple solutions that we could never have constructed from our pre-programed minds. As we rely on carrying out our own personal part of the “plan from above,” we find that our hearts open; we become simpler but much more capable; and we arrive in the right place at the right time to unselfconsciously, humbly join with others’ hearts to create seemingly miraculous progress for the benefit of all.

This inspired interaction is what Soul Answer sees as the foundation for building a Culture of Soul!

This is the operative dynamic of our much anticipated Aquarian change of Consciousness. Soul Answer is led to be a seed, a lighthouse for growing this new paradigm of true human potential: BE the total HUMAN from the inside out. Personal Peace grows to become World Peace!



Soul Answer offers:

  • A global reach through our internet presence--SoulAnswer.com and SoulAnswer.org, as well as through our local in-person events.
  • Gives easily accessible instruction on this Soul Listening process, how to enact it in our daily lives, with continuing exploration and support for this ongoing practice.
  • Provides reliable tools to access Soul and heal one’s barriers and pain such as
    • Heart Breath—totally simple, immediate and effective process to free one’s mental and emotional quagmires, help heal themselves and others, and move into crystalline neutrality to easily access Soul.
    • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan to clear and upgrade our subtle energetic processes.
    • Natural health and lifestyle through natural healing such as Ayurveda, and incredibly healthy nutrition.
  • Provides continuing support through:
    • Personal healing—in person, on the phone, and a three year certification training program for Soul Answer facilitators of healing.
    • Group courses, events and presentations from extraordinary teachers! These courses are primarily tele-classes and webinars, with some local in-person courses. We perpetually offer these class materials and recordings online via our university-style distance-learning site and website capabilities.
    • Opportunities for honest, kind, heart-centered interaction among those who join us, both in the courses as well as through our intended social media style site, and our current Facebook pages.
    • Weekly newsletter that provides several articles on how to live one’s down-to-Earth life in most practical ways from Soul’s direction and healing. They are archived on our websites for continuing reference. We have hundreds of these archived articles at www.SoulAnswer.com/wisdom_marketplace.html .
    • Many, many web pages of supportive tools, such as Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and other self-healing practices.


Soul has given us a vast vision for expansion in the future. Please CLICK HERE (“About Us for the Soul Answer Tribe Members”) to see more about that.