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Dear Soul Answer Tribe Member,

What a blessing to have you with us, Dear One!

Soul Answer’s purpose as given to us by Soul is to live heart to heart with each other, and from the most solid, clear, healing and loving direction from our very Souls, our God Selves.

As we know in these outrageous times that are coming upon us now, we are moving into the shadow of the Aquarian Age where everything will change—ready or not! There will be many difficulties and challenges that are way beyond our imagination. We are just getting our first glimpses now. Yogi Bhajan gave us a heads-up on all this during his whole teaching career.

He taught us how to be ready in our Consciousness and our self-healing. He gave us the spiritual tools to accomplish this. He taught us to “live FOR each other.” He didn’t mince words on the fact that it would be in serving one other that we allow us all to move together as One. This joining would not only support our sheer survival, but also expand the great Connection to one another’s hearts with powerful love and guidance from Soul. This joining would carry us through to the great promise of pure kindness and Spirit of the Aquarian Age. Without this group Consciousness—not “group think,” he said there would be no Aquarian Age.

Soul told me decades ago, even before the advent of the Internet, that it would be my job to host a “newsroom” of Soul’s directions in these “times to come” to help provide unity, connection and purpose through these most confusing onslaughts. And because at that time long, I couldn’t think of how to do this, I even explored short wave radio!

So, Sweet One, not only is this Soul Answer site a gathering place for sacred, down-to-earth guidance, but it is a place of comfort and of joining Heart to Heart with each other. It is a true place of trust and Truth to connect with the God that we all share, and of which we are all a living part. This is meant to be a place of connecting true Soul Mates—not the male/female bonds that we have heard so much about, but trulybonafide Soul Friends, Siblings of Soul, a place of trust, healing and love among us.

To this end, we present this Soul Answer website to serve you, your Heart and your precious Soul!

The challenge is to grow and expand into Soul’s Vision of a place of sacred joining, protection and Aquarian leadership among us all, beyond all traditional barriers. Dear One, you and all of us are Pioneers of this New Age that is now in our faces!

Please donate to support and serve this joined Soul Mission among us! In practical terms, we need web expertise, software, host servers and so much more in order to expand our service to you--our Tribe. We are so grateful to you to put your pocketbook where your Heart is. Your generosity is what enables us to provide this container for us all worldwide to grow in love and support with each other, and with the Universal but most cozy Soul among us!

Thanks for truly joining in! We really appreciate your one-time donations, but we would also love your automatic “recurring” monthly donations so that we can depend on your regular support of our monthly budgets.



Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur Khalsa

As of March 24, 2014 we are a 501 (c) 3, US non-profit organization. EIN 80-0680919. All donations are tax deductible in the US. Soul Answer, Inc. is a New Mexico non-profit corporation and is registered with the NM Attorney General’s office.

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