Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/14/2019 Kirtan Kriya

In this world you need to be who you are without interference from your mind.

Sat Nam


12/14/2019 Tratakam




You are travelling

With my Light


Resist no more

What is your reality


Leave behind

What is yesterday


What was

Will be again


When I choose

When you are to be again


In this moment

When it is due





Living each day

As your first day



Cease to exist


When you focus

On my breath


Excited to be



Excited to be

What I choose to be


So many details

Sparkling in front of you


Do you see

Do you wish to see


Open your eyes

See with me


Endless variety

Infinity’s grace


Expectations vanish

The day becomes as I am



Filled with my Light


Joy is experienced

When my heart is revealed


Within all

I am


The world lives

Through our vibration


Give this day

The vibration of my love


Give this day

The freedom to live


Freely with me

Lightly with me


As gracious as my hands

Creating love’s infinite form


My Word

Generated in every sound


Listen with humility

Hear my Truth


The world is awakening

Through you


Sat Nam


12/13/2019 Kirtan Kriya

In order to be neutral, all of your words, all of your thoughts, must be neutral.

Sat Nam


12/13/2019 Tratakam

You can

And you will



My breath


The days pass

With me


Are you being your Truth

Are you realized that I am here


Tune in to your Soul

Allow your heart to be heard


In every life

I am with you


Where are you going

Never allow it to be a concern


My love is with you

I am with you now


What time is left

Is no time at all


Live with Infinity

Dance to your song


Life is a beautiful dream

If you breathe with me


The moment you suffer

You are not your Truth


The moment you feel free

Is when you trust that you are with me


I will give you your day

Receive it as it is


Enjoy what happens

As I see fit


You can be One with my day

If you enjoy my life


My life

In every life


Respect each one

Be patient with each difference


Encourage health

Be there to guide healing


Know my love

Is there within all


What choices you make

Is the day that you create


Be open and be free

To enjoy the day I give to you


Sat Nam


12/12/2019 Kirtan Kriya

In order to free another from themselves, you must allow them to be themselves.

Sat Nam


12/12/2019 Tratakam

In order to live

You must be free


Free from control

Free from judgment


Of yourself

Of others


To build another’s life

Is to allow them to be


To be

As you are


Be aware

In silence


Be alert

In silence


Where you are

Is for you to be


In silence



Jump into your life

The One that lives



Breathe with me


The sound is within

The message is clear


Now is the time

To be with others


In your life

You will always be You


Now is the time

To unit you with You


The world is One

Sit with All


See all others

From our neutral love


You will see

As I do


If you live each day

To be neutral


All lives

Living so differently


Remember my Word

Is within All


My breath

Creates each life


My life

Lives within each heart



I am all


Each life

That seems so different


Each life

That makes the mind question


Remember my Word

Breathe my breath


To live in neutrality

Is to be One with me


Your life

Is a point


Your vibration

Is a line



Is a full circle


Become All

Flow with Infinity


We are already united

Create it as reality



Complete awareness


One life

Can heal All


Remain neutral

Live with my breath


Hold my space

Welcome it


Every life

Connects to the other


Be the vibration

That creates my neutral union



The junctions that seem different


We are One

If we live it


Sat Nam