Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

06/27/2017 Kirtan Kriya 

Be the guiding Light that you already are.

Sat Nam


06/27/2017 Tratakam 

You are lovely

You are pure


You are everything

And more



By my Light


You give me flight

With all your might


You laugh 

You sing


You come running

To me



I make your heart sing


Oh my child

I love you so


When you create 

It is so full


Of all my love

Of all my Light


You feel so much

With every sight 


That I give to you

Through my eyes


You smile 

Because you know 


That all you see

Is me


Reflecting me

Reflecting you


To see

Each other


In our Truth

Is a gift


So tender

So resilient 


My love

Sees all


Pause here

Within my being 


Living here

Is your dream


You are here

With me


This is your home 



You are here



Your smiles 

Bring grace


Your Trust 

Creates my song


Your heart 

As I created it





To be with me

Is the only Truth


Your trust

Will create


My Truth

In All


Sat Nam

06/26/2017 Kirtan Kriya 

The more you relax, the more you are with Soul.

Sat Nam


06/26/2017 Tratakam 

You are with me

Set yourself free


From your mind

That keeps you safe


From life

With me


In the unknown 

With me


You will know 

With me


You are

With me


You are

You are


With me



I run to you



I fly with you



We are

We are



For eternity 


I created



From me

Became you


You are a part of me

I am a part of you





Pure bliss

Pure neutrality 


To be experienced

By you


You are

You are


My beloved

My heart


You are

My songbird 


Because you

Make my heart sing


I fill you

With my Light


To empty you

Of what is not



My love


Is real

Because you are


Always my sight

Always my sound


You are

My graceful touch


You are

My gentle footprint



As I do


You are love

You are compassion


You speak for me

Because I love


To hear my Word

Through All


Is my gift

To free the world 


Sat Nam

06/25/2017 Kirtan Kriya 

When you are with Soul, then you only have reverence for others.

Sat Nam


06/25/2017 Tratakam 

Feel the ocean

Feel the stream


Their taste

So different 


Their flow

So real


Both an experience 

To expand


The mind

The Soul


Always moving



Both a gift

Of the unknown 


Containing life

In freedom's form


A gift of love

Of pure sensation 


So much

So unnoticed 


Awaken your world 

With my Word


Which is there

Waiting for you


Just as the stream

Is forever moving 



Torwards my love


You shall sing

When you are full


To be consistent 

With your devo 


To be open

With your love


Of me

Of my existence 


Is to be

Carried by me


Like the ocean 

With so many directions 


You can be everywhere 

With me


Always calm

From trust in me


Guiding you with love 

For eternity 


Sat Nam