Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

10/20/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Openness and neutrality are a display of Truth and Oneness.

Sat Nam

10/20/2019 Tratakam

Resist complaining.  When you complain about another, do you think that you are have become a master of group consciousness?  What you have done is eliminate all awareness to live as a conscious complaint of your mind.  Some seek to fame and power.  They patronize everyone they see as they complain secretly within.  They look perfect.  They dress perfectly.  They know when and how to speak to others, yet, they are nothing.  They are not connected to God, even if God is connected to them.  God is connected to All, no one is left out.  No one is special if they say they have a connection to God.  A connection to God is common, it is not special.  It does not require talent.  Because God is the one creating this connection, it does not even require humility.  Bow now, forgive your egos.  What you beg to be, is not for you to control.  What occurs naturally, will be within your flow.

What you are given to see, what you are given to hear, love, and let it be.  From the moment that you are born, until the moment that you cease, you are loved, you are everything to God.  What brings you closer, is your humility.  As you see God in others, you will realize that your consciousness becomes One with the group.  Openly you see God.  Neutrally you live, effortlessly.  Flowing, because you have let go.  Flowing in God’s heart, because God has released you.  May your day be humble.  May your day be free.  May you live as One with God’s Infinity.

Sat Nam

10/18/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Love can be found in the essence of the breath.

Sat Nam


10/18/2019 Tratakam

What is most powerful

Is a part of the flow


Gathering speed

Taking insatiably






Only what it needs


Remaining neutral

Is a challenge








Until all that is left

Is flowing with need


Eyes open

Eyes closed


Become my master

Be neutral


Found in openness

Forgiveness heals


A challenge greater

Then others seem



Remain neutral


Feel at ease

Be One with my flow



You are my dream


As You are

As All are


My dream

To be neutral


Change occurs

When I command


You are here

To walk my land


To forgive

Through neutrality


To open your heart

To all that you see



Return to neutral


You are alive

As you have been born


From my heart

You sing


Sat Nam


10/17/2019 Kirtan Kriya

The meaning of life can be found in the meaning of each moment.

Sat Nam


10/17/2019 Tratakam


Breathe into this moment


Send my Light

To those that I placed near you


Focus now

Hear their Soul


Each requesting

My vibration to be near


As you feel

Bow your head


My vision’s gift

Is to be delivered to all



What has no sound



What creates each life


My child

Realize what you are





Clear yourself

Of each one now



Be with me


Clear yourself

Return to your Truth


Be with all

As you remain free


Free to be

As you were born as


Welcome each life

Preserve yours


You are to serve all

Including yourself


Your life is requested

By my Word itself


Cherish it

Honor it


My love

My love is for all


Within the public

You are to be


Still within

You are to remain


Being your truth

Will create my presence


You have been born

To create me


My life

My existence


Take your time

Be now


You have everything

If you remain empty


You are full

If you give everything



Everything that I give to you


Your presence

Is to remain pure


Your life

Is to remain in stillness


My love

Is to be radiated to all


Sat Nam