Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

11/16/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Begin with love. End with love.  Fill all with love.

Sat Nam

11/16/2018 Tratakam




As I am

I seek to live

To see

Through your heart

Into the deep

Inside each one

The core of being

My seed

My Light

Giving life to all

Forming who they are


By you

You experience

Each seed

You know my presence

Within each form


Who you are



Providing my compassion

Uplifting all

Unsettling those

That are furthest

From who they are

From why they are here



Be still

Be silent

Allow them to settle

Allow them to weep

Guide them

With my Words


My Light


Your life


My pace

Can you

Will you


Focus as we run


Focus as we sit

Each moment

So different

My energy is strong

Allow the body to rest

Sitting still

Focus on my Word

My vibration

With heal and soothe

Within this life

Life is to be born

A heavenly being

Delivered without form


Love your being


My love

Sat Nam

11/14/2018 Kirtan Kriya

The beginning has no starting point.  Then end has no ending point.  All points are One.

Sat Nam

11/141/2018 Tratakam

Life, is always living.  Where do you see possibilities?  Do you know?  Laugh.  Laugh because you do not see.  What you are doing to yourself, what you are doing to others.  This is a common thread.  One, of many threads.  If you see, if you open yourself to the experience of wisdom, you will see that each thread, is a common thread.  Caring for another, humbling yourself, to another’s experience of life, the most profound experience, will resurrect the Light from within.  It is when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, that we are, at our greatest strength.  If you think, if you think that you know yourself, then see me now.  When you see me, then you will see your true self.  You will be amazed.  God himself, He created you with His hands.  Can you experience that?  Can you feel your own birth?  Not your birthing experience from the wound.  Can you connect to your reflection, your extension of God?  You are something that you do not experience.  You are a being that has no form.  What you see, is what keeps you running.  You are running away.  You are running to find, that, which you cannot see.  What you are, is what you long for.  What you are, is what you wish to be.  An energy, committed to serving.  You are your greatest strength.  You are God’s humility,  Caring for your creation.  Loving, loving from neutrality’s Truth.

Sat Nam

11/13/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Build your day upon your foundation of endurance, resilience, and compassion.

Sat Nam

11/13/2018 Tratakam

Live.  Now.  Do you wish to connect to what is inside you?  Or do you wish to create the fantasy of tomorrow?  Stop planning!  Stop creating false possibilities!  You are being blessed with every breath!  You are blessed with being aware of the One inside you!  And you still choose to plan your mindless day, filling it up with what will keep you far, far away, away from what you are.  The angels are beside you.  The skies are calling you.  You see them.  You hear them.  They brush your path clean so that you can see.  Step.  Step my love.  Step until you feel me.  What you long to be with, every day, every breathing moment, you long to be with the One.  Step, step until you place your feet, where you are being asked to walk.  In this life, you are to walk, as a being that is not to talk.  You are to speak.  You are to listen.  You are to give your voice to God.  Then, and only then, will you give your life to what you are.  As you speak.  The birds will listen.  They will hear your call and be sent on a mission.  Travelling, to bring your vibration.  Your vibration, God is within your vibration.  You long.  You long for what you are.  Be free from the ones that appear as what they believe they should.  You are not them.  You are neve to be them.  You are to be the freedom that you are.  Continue to question.  Continue to present reality.  God’s reality, is neutrality.  Reflect each falsehood, from your heart of love.  Giving each one a glimpse of the One’s Light, the Light that they are.  The spirits are vibrating.  They are sending their love.  Their vibration, is your guidance.  Change, feels like resistance.  Heal these vibrations.  Allow transformation to occur!  You are here! Now!  You feel these vibrations!  You are here to transform these vibrations!  Do not absorb them!  Do not react to them!  Do not speak of them!  Recognize them, from God’s vision, then remain still, as the warrior that you are.  God’s sweet stillness, creates this world.