Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/14/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to your heart, silently.

Sat Nam


12/14/2017 Tratakam

Gracefully live

While others cannot be


Give all feelings

To me


When you are with me

What feelings can be


There are none

There are all


Combined into One

A feeling so grand


A mind

Instantly obedient


A world

Instantly at peace


Pure grace

Within you now


What didn’t you see

What did you close your eyes to


Are they open now

Are you seeing as me


You did see as me

Now live gracefully


Never doubting

Never questioning


Living presently

Living with my Word


What others believe

Is of no concern


If you believe in my presence

Then the past is history



With me


Let others assume

Let them stare


What you have

Is my love





That I am

In all


What others believe

Is sometimes a mystery


But seeing them as me

Is the most brilliant gift to see


Oh my love

Loving all


Feel how beautiful

Each feeling is


To receive grace

Is to receive me


Remember my love

Is your heart


Remember my hand

Is always in yours


As you do

Grace becomes you


What you do

What you see


Is simply

Because of me


Face each experience

With my love


Remember each experience

As my love


Walk now

Walk with me


Give me your worries

Let this beautiful day start


My Light

Is everywhere


Sat Nam

12/13/2017 Kirtan Kirya

Begin with a smile, and a breath, with Soul.

Sat Nam


12/13/2017 Tratakam

Stay with me

Look at me


When I am here

Nothing exists


When I am here

There is only Infinity


Any word

That is not my Word


Is not my vibration

It is only a test


Stay with me

Rest your mind


Allow me

To be present in your heart


Teach the world

That only I exist


By loving you

You have your breath


Looking out at the world



Walking amongst all



Each one there

Believes in their thoughts



In my thoughts


My thoughts

Are my Word


Your heart leads you

When you hear my Word


I am here

Allow your freedom


From all thought

From all negativity


Simply walk

With my neutrality


To be loved

Is a longing in all


You are loved

As I love all


Begin each morning

With my vibration


Begin each word spoken

With my Word


What is there

Is to be loved


What is there

Is to be received


Live your life

As me


A gift of neutrality

A gift of love


To be formless

Is to be all as one


Always forgotten

Always remembered


Your vibration

United with mine


Nothing is ever

Left behind


What you see

May be different each day


But what is inside

Is always the same


Here to sing

Here to fly



Because you are free


Loving always

From neutrality


As I do

My love


Sat Nam

12/12/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Stay with the One when you feel.

Sat Nam


12/12/2017 Tratakam


Into the darkness


Feeling the cold

Tempting the unknown


Remember me

Feel my hand



Only a present moment


As you enter

You illuminate all


By your Light

My Light within you


Lead with your heart

My heart in yours


Capturing no one

Freeing all


Your life

Is living


Are you



Are you



You are

So let all go


Enter the darkness

That you engage in play



With courage



With compassion



With me



For eternity


As you realize

What you already are


You will believe

In you


As a shining star

My Light for all


Feel my love

Believe in who you are


My blessings

Showering all


Jump out of the past

Live in this moment


What is here

Is here now


In a moment

The present now past


Take these steps

With a smile of victory


A smile

Remembering me





Loving each moment




To my Word


Transforming all darkness

Truth now known


My Love

My Light






In All


See my Truth

In All


Sat Nam