Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

08/22/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Find your strength within each breath.

Sat Nam


08/22/2017 Tratakam


Will serve you



Will free you



Will create You


Be the One

In all that You do


As you sit



My Word

Is inside you


My Word

Created you


My Word

Creates the world



Feel the vibration


If you do

All will glisten


Within my Light

All are





Eyes wide open

Eyes tightly closed


See each one

As I do


With many eyes

I look at you


You are not simple

You are not complex


You are so much more

Than you wish to see



As I do


So many colors

Within each one


Experience the ones

That you haven’t yet


You are not the beginning

You are not the end


There is so much more

To living this life


Take a chance

Believe in my love


Run to welcome

My son


Do you see

Do you allow yourself to see


There I am

In front of you


My life

My love


With you

So closely


I am Infinity

I am the Universe


How much

Do you see


Open yourself

To experiencing more


Become unlimited

Free yourself


Everything you are

Be something else


Forget instructions

Eliminate your rules


To live

Is to live


Be alive

Be more than you think you can be


I am here

To guide you


Look at my Light

It is for you


Take each step

With confidence


I am creating

Each step for you



To my love



To me



On my breath



On my Word



On your love for me


I am

Your path



That you are all


As you walk with me

All will


Sat Nam

08/21/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Have patience for the One that lives within you.

Sat Nam


08/21/2017 Tratakam

What did you think

What did you feel


Was a life

That you expected to be


Are you there

Can you breathe



To me


A gentle whisper

In your ear


A slight touch

On your cheek



To give to you


To fill

Your being


To bring

Your memories


Of my love

Inside of you





My life

Is for you


Your aspirations

To be with me


Are so innocent

Are so sweet


Your tears

Fill my heart


Your desire

To be loved



My breath



My love



My Truth


My Light

I put in you


Every cell

Is my pure love



Live each breath


You are my love

You are my Light


So many thoughts

To keep you far



To my Word


Feel how close

You really are


Inside my heart

You take each breath


You are filled

To give to me



To feel my Light


What you give

Will heal you


See each one

As my love


Sent to you

To help guide you


To see the unknown

As what comforts


Is your life

That gives you life


As you live

Live with love


Be in love

With you



Sat Nam

08/20/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Silence will be your best quality if you believe.

Sat Nam


08/20/2017 Tratakam

Be assured

That you are mine


Throughout time

You are timeless


Your way of being

Is not of this kind


You are mine

You are my life


As we walk

Feel alone





As my feet

As my breath


We will be



You are

As I am


One with me

Is to be



As a present


From me

To you


Focus your love

On my love


Drying tears

With my tears


My Light

Will open your eyes


My glance

Will humble your sight


Be the world

Within your being



What I give you to feel


My stillness

Be my stillness


Create a space

For the universe


Be my stillness

To give sight to all


Silently listen

To my Word



As my songbird



To my Words


Allow them to be

Your entire being


An unbreakable fortress

Around your heart


My Word

Gently holding you


Within my vibration

There is only love


Dance without fear

Run without hesitation


Your time

Is our time


In the present breath

The whole world will feel


A glimpse

Of their Truth


My Love

Lives within all


You give

My reflection


That is

The true existence


Of everyone

Of everything


My creation

Is all


How many

Will open


How many

Will marry


To my love

To my breath


Unite each one

See all as One



With my eyes



With my heart


Silently living

From my stillness


You will be



To give to me



Sat Nam