Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/29/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Today you are living to be with Soul.

Sat Nam


01/29/2020 Tratakam




Begin this day

With my Light


Allow the forest

To hear your delight


To be

With me


To love

With me


The world is awakening

Listen closely


What is on the surface

Is what is lifting


From deep within

From past lifetimes


All hidden darkness

Is being brought closer



Be with me


As it surfaces

Acknowledge its victory


For it has risen

To be with me


Send it my Light

Bless it with my love


All forms

Are me in its form


Longing to be with me

Guide it to my path


Each step towards me

Transforms all to my Light



Listen to my Words


Recite them often

Create what I speak


All darkness

Is being transformed


I send my love to all

I send my Light to all


I forgive all

I shower all with my blessings


In Oneness

I am All


I love All

I forgive All


I am I am

I am All


Sat Nam


01/28/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Beginnings bring change. Accept everything that is new. Forgive everything that is no more. Sat Nam


01/28/2020 Tratakam


What you experience



All that are


The world is travelling

The world is expanding


Be humble

Learn from All


The day begins As the night ends


The sun rises

As the moon falls



Everywhere you are


Be open

To transformations


Be my Truth

Practice patience


Deliver my love

When you are silent


My moment

Is to become All


Every life

Filled with my love


See it growing

Changing the world we are


Embrace my love

Encourage it to grow


My love

My gently child


In some

A tiny seed








My seed

My love


A moment to give

Give love to my life


This day

Is for All


Listen today

Hear each sound


In silence

Generate my Sound


Radiate from You

An opportunity to heal


My Light

Reflect my Light for All


Show them my eyes

Give them my heart


In silence

We will create my love


Sat Nam


01/27/2020 Kirtan Kriya

The flow of life runs through you. Feel its path. Free its path. Sat Nam


01/27/2020 Tratakam

Remember your life

As you serve others


Your life

Is your priority


Serve yourself

Remember my Name


Serve me

Focus on my love


Providing my presence

Is the only true way to serve others


Speaking my Word

When no one is willing to listen


Speaking my Word

When others are judging


Living with me

As others try to pull you away


Serve yourself



Maintain your grace

Act as I do



As your receive my breath



As I take your breath


In life and in death

It is I that am there


Give to others

As I give you endlessly


Your need for control

Limits everything


Your heart

Your mind


It limits what you receive

It limits what you project


As you live life with me

Your life is my door



Full access to my love



All that you see


Your Light

Drawing all closer to me



Encourage others to be with me


Shouting with glee

As all receive


Filled with joy

As others receive


You are gifted everyday

The experience of me


There is nothing else you need

There is nothing else to do


Except Release everything

Give The life I live through You


Create my life

In all that you serve


Create my presence

With every breath


Let go of control

Let go of fear


Your life is to give

Everything I give to You


Sat Nam