07/07/2018 Kirtan Kriya Be your strengths. Heal your weaknesses. Sat Nam 07/07/2018 Tratakam To be Real For the world To see My Truth Inside You Searching Through You A path found Through You Guiding each As you walk alone Maintaining Reverence For your life For every life Look at this day What is for me Give to me What you find Give to me What I brought to you So many To bring to me Begin Begin now Feel my heart Beating inside you Deliver What is to be born Every birth Is to be my life Every blessing Realized See through Every obstacle Your challenge Is to focus on my Word Cut through Every mind Remain still Trust your strength Your neutrality Will transform Your world Every world Unity Through neutrality A single path Leading to me So many differences All are me Gently Speaking Delivering a smile With every breath Guard My life Speak As I speak Every word Every thought Live As my life Pure creation From my Word Searching To be born Within A pure form My life My child My presence Seen by All Sat Nam