07/13/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Trust that every breath is a gift delivered with love.

Sat Nam


07/13/2018 Tratakam

So many speeds

When you are not with me


I am consistent

I am without routine


I am moving

As I am still



From my eyes


See everything

For the first time



Into what I have created


A new life

Is for you


I give you presents

Every day


Recognizing them

Is your challenge


So many

Go unnoticed


I am patient



My tender life

I treat so delicately


My glance

Is all that you need


I am holding you

I am your life


Breathe me in

I am every form


Take me in

Realize that I give you life


You are always with me

Remember my Words


I am

Every form


I am the air

That enters you


I am the Light

That warms you


I am the water

That cleanses you


I am the plant

That nourishes you


Remember me

As I give to you



My Word is always vibrating


Around you

Through you


Train your mind

To focus


On what has sound

On what has no sound



Existing in All


My Word

My love


Inside you now

Listen now



To my heartbeat



To my thoughts



My love


When you focus

You create



To create with my love


You are here

To deliver my love


You are here

To see my love


In every form

In every person


You are here

To see my love



On the love you see


Focus on my love

Transforming all


Focus on my love

Focus on my love


See love

Creating more love


Focus on love

Eliminate all other thoughts



Creating love


I am consistent

I am still


I am love

I am love


I see what is not

I only focus on love


Every eye

I see with love


Sat Nam