07/17/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Love is being comfortable and open with your Truth.

Sat Nam


07/17/2018 Tratakam

As your flight

I am your wind


As your climb

I am your mountain


Gather your strength

Give what you have


Come closer now

Relax deeper


Letting go

To lose everything


Letting go

Will create everything


No one

Is under control


Will they follow

Their mind’s lead


Looking for fame

Looking for appreciation


As you see

The one’s that lie


Can you be still

Can you be neutral


Let go

Free yourself from All


In silence

You will create true union


In stillness

You will create consciousness


Be still

My love


See their ways

From my eyes



Self-centered and bold



To leave behind


Remain neutral

Give my life a chance


To be present

To be known



From neutrality


A life

From my stillness


The Ones that give

Are the Ones that receive


Others doubt

Others misbehave


When you see

See love


Send my love

Help each to grow



Love is my heart



Love is my grace



My love



A chance to love


Sat Nam