07/24/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Be aware of your continuous connection to Soul.

Sat Nam


07/24/2018 Tratakam

Be alive

For your Truth


Be free

For my Word


Clear your path

With what you choose


Daily tasks

Hidden dreams


Everything is waiting

For you to remember


My life

Inside your being


Every feeling

Reflect back


Send my love

Believe you are with me


As you walk

We walk


As you pray

We pray


Creating beginnings

Healing endings



To your strength


Your shield

Is my Light



Remember my Word


You are aware

Every heart is my life


Longing to beat

Consciously within each experience


Relax your mind

Relax your body


My stillness

Is your Soul



Remember my life



Remember my life


Within you

Infinity’s grace


Trust my love

Trust your senses


What you experience

Is what I send to you


Feed your day

With my Word



Will become my stillness



Remember my love


Sat Nam