07/29/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Do not be with the ones that limit you.  Choose to be with the One that guides you.

Sat Nam


07/29/2018 Tratakam

Let it go

Be free


Build your resistance

To compensate


What others are

Is for you to see


Reflect their vibration

Vibrate my healing


From your heart

Send my love


My love

My Light


Send to All

That are not with me


Some are with me

With their words alone


Vibrate my Word

Allow them to experience


My presence

My Truth



The mind’s defense


Be steady

Be strong


My love

Is always present


Be yourself

Be your Truth


What you are

Is timeless


What you create

Is limitless


Seek to be

My blessing everyday


Guiding others

To me



from their self-created miseries


Be my example

Remember me


As you speak

Remember my Word


As you listen

Hear my Word


As you see

See with me


Every Soul

Is One



Discovering my presence


Within everyone

You will find me


Seek my neutrality

In every life


Reside with me

Dwell in peace


We will ignite

Every heart


Remember my breath

Delivered to you


Create my presence

Free each heart


Open to growth

Open to stillness


Release each desire

That limits my presence


Be my stillness

Represent my love


Sat Nam