08/01/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Believe in your ability to remember the One. Be with the One as you are.

Sat Nam


08/01/2018 Tratakam


Is your Soul


Your body

Returns to the earth


Allow the process

To be seen by All



Is a gift


Enjoy every aspect

Serve as your best


Each year

Be what you are


Each moment

Deliver your heart


Live in joy

For you are free


Being in love

With my every creation


Can you live

As your strongest moment


Can you defend

As your most graceful moment


Prepare yourself

Your strength is needed


Commit to You

Your grace is required


To be the One

To guide each One


Be Silent

Listen to All


Pain so similar

Love to unite all



With me


Each day



For you are my heart

I request that you see


Connect to my breath

You will remain neutral


Slowly seeing

Retrain each cell


Remain still

To deliver my Light


Sat Nam