09/23/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Be alive.  Be free.  Be the One that creates everything.

Sat Nam


09/23/2018 Tratakam

Perceptions change

As you change your focus


See me now

In front of you


Look at anything

I am there



See my presence


In front of you

I bow


You are my life

You are my love


Believe this world

Is for you to dwell


Your castle

Your prison


You choose




Every moment



My love


A humble heart

Is a pure heart


Surrendering fully

When I give respect to you


Believe in yourself

Heal what you see


Your Truth

Is what I bow before



You can be loved



All are loved


I see all

As they were born


Let go of mistakes

Let go of impurities


Become clear

Heal yourself



On my love


Give me everything

That keeps you from You


I am the One

I create everything


Feel your birth



So much joy

So much love


So true to your heart

Loving so freely


Begin now

As you are with me



More aware


Full of wisdom

Full of neutrality


Bonded for eternity

We will heal


What is presented

Will be reflected


As Light

As love


We stand



We will bow

To the entire world


Sat Nam