09/27/2018 Kirtan Kriya

The consciousness of the Soul is the unity in All.

Sat Nam


09/27/2018 Tratakam


Your mind


You are



You do exist

As my child


You are worthy

You are important


Every tear is formed

With my eyes



You are alive



Your life is a gift


A gift

You are


A gift

You are to give


My love

Give my love


I gave birth to you

I created you


I released you

I gave you to this world


We are embraced



We are communicating



I walk

As you walk


I feel

As you feel


Speak to me

Listen to my Word



As my child



As my love



As my warrior



As my saint



You are to be You


The foolish mind

Must be eliminated


The mind is your gift

Teach it to realize what it is


It is

As you allow it to be


It is so much more

Give it a chance to be


A way to communicate

To every cell


What is a cell

You do not even know


Your mind does

You mind knows all


Listen to its wisdom

Experience my Word


A bank of information

Doing what it is told


It stores everything

It remembers everything


Choose its path

You are its leader


It remembers your choice

It brings it forward first


You must change

How it is serving you


It is serving you

Remember its only task


To serve



You are its leader

You are its God


Thank it kindly

Exercise it often


It wants

Only what you do


It needs

Only what you do


Sit now

Sit with your mind


Comfort it

Care for it



It is your eternal child


Nurture it

With my Word


Help it to feel close

Close to your heart


It needs love

My neutral love


It lives to serve

As you command it to


Sat Nam