09/28/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Be alert to the messages of the day.

Sat Nam


09/28/2018 Tratakam

Come with me

To a world unknown


A place in your heart

That continues to grow


A world

So easily felt


A world

That lives as One with Infinity


Become my love

Become my dream


Be with the Ones

That Light every being


Rising to peak

Remain steady



Listen to the dream


Did you begin

Do you understand


To be with me

Is to be neutral


Waiting to serve

Serve now


Longing for adventure

Open your eyes now


There is an entire world

Waiting on my Light now


Seek to be my love

With every breath


Seek to be my Light

With every breath


Seek to be neutral

With every breath



As One with me



Every transformation



Begin with breathing


Practice breathing



Let go

Trust everything


What you experience

Is what I give



My love



My dream


You are receiving



You are my love

You are my dream


Practice loving

Yourself today


Sat Nam