10/04/2018 Kirtan Kriya

The world is waiting for you to love.

Sat Nam


10/04/2018 Tratakam

A voice

A vibration


To be heard

To feel delighted



Living each day


Can you play

Can you feel today


Each step

Is a step closer to me


If you long

To be with me



To be at peace


In my arms

In my presence


You are



Relax the day

Give life a chance


For you are chosen

To go with my direction


Walking away

From earthly attachments


Is a chance

To be closer to me


I am formless

Live this


I live in everything

Admit this


No exceptions

No manmade rules


As I am the sky

I am the ground


As I am the air

I am everywhere


My vibration

Can never be changed


I am



My vibration

Transforms all


My vibration

Is always neutral


Bring to me

Vibrations to healing


With my love

Transform All


My existence

Is every existence


Let go of attachments

To manmade rules


I have no belongings

I have no dress


I am everything

Seen and unseen


The world creates

Boundaries and rules


Protecting themselves

From what they are


Protecting themselves

From what looks different


I appear

As every form


I appear

To heal


I love




Live now with me


Your life today

Is what I give


Receive this day

As a gift


Sat Nam