10/05/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Shower the world with love as you see through each to see their Truth.

Sat Nam


10/05/2018 Tratakam




Through the earth

Bringing up each seed


Living life

As I intended it to be


See each sprout

As a gift of life


Feeling each breeze

As my presence


Teach others

Be yourself


As you live

Live in front of all


Every animal

A child of mine


Every plant

A living creation


As life approaches

Open your eyes


Everywhere you see

You focus on me


This is the lesson

I fill your heart with


When others complain

When others doubt


Sit with me

Create my presence


As vibrations are healed

Every lion will roar


Remain still

Allow my love to heal


Believe I am victorious

I know each battle well


Your purpose

Is to remain still with me


Live in your dreams

Of my love


Live in your experiences

Of me


As you are

So do you create


You are creating

With each thought


Remember this

When you feel each wave


Embrace yourself

Realize the moment’s opportunity


As each one approaches

Create stillness within


Embrace each vibration

As you remain still within


Reflect my love

Give my love to all


Absorb only my love

Reflect only my love


Absorb what is needed

Reflect what needs me


Absorb my love

Reflect my love


Sat Nam