10/06/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Learn to hear the words you speak before they are spoken.

Sat Nam


10/06/2018 Tratakam




Leave it



What you want

Is control


What you think you need

Is false hope


Created by feeling

Absolute control


The past

Is not today


This day

This moment


Is your blessing

Is your gift



What you feel



To my arms


You are always

Running away


Run to my arms

As you learn to breathe



Feel at ease


Create the day

With no expectations


What you have

Is what you wished for


Worrying and praying

Create equally


Choose to pray

For your breath


What you feel

Is what you accept


You are flying

Choose remembrance



With your eyes open



With your heart open


Shutting down

Looking for control


Daily routines

Can limit all


What is there

Feel it now


Seeing me

In the air


Your gift

Of sight


Your gift

Of flight


Relax with me

Change your thoughts



Breathe in my Word


Allow the day of others to be

What they do is seen by me


What you receive




Give everything to me


You receive

To give


Returning now

To your Truth


Sitting in stillness

My life around you


Feel my breath

Giving life to your Truth


Recite my Word

That I give to you


Here within my heart

The world is one drop


The vibration of Truth

Released by your heart


Sat Nam