10/10/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Trust that the space you are in is the space that you create.

Sat Nam


10/10/2018 Tratakam


Being free





Seek my eyes

Seek my heart



See as I do now


You are

As you have always been


In this moment

Love will be your friend


Send love

Send love endlessly


Let go of your demands

Free yourself


A limitless world

Waiting for change


To change just one

Will change the entire world


You can have everything

If you want nothing



Is in your hands


Be here

Be here in my heart



Rest with my love



Be filled again


As you travel

In pure stillness


You will feel

What has no form


You will hear

What has no sound


Maintain your focus

See my love


See my love

See my love in All


Sat Nam