10/11/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Live free from attachment.  Learn to be free from the thoughts of others.

Sat Nam


10/11/2018 Tratakam

Being free

To be with me


As you leave



Letting go

Is not forfeiting


Letting go

Is not a challenge


Without opinion

Without judgements





Attached to acceptance

Attached to regret



As a world in a sea


Looking at others

Waiting to see


Open your eyes

Be your Truth


You are living

Remember to breathe


You are

As you love yourself


If you love

Love yourself


If you believe in me

Believe in yourself


If you trust me

Trust yourself


Looking around

Searching for misery


Let go

Be satisfied


Everything you need

Is within you


Trust my love

Trust you are free



To your Truth


Sat Nam