10/10/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Leave the day to the One that is creating it for you.

Sat Nam

10/10/2018 Tratakam


For me


Remain calm

Remain free



With me


With others

Remain with me


Open to me

Reflect everything else


What you feel

Is all simultaneously



Each feeling


Remain with me

Reflect everything else


Opening each door

To receive my love



You can differentiate



What you know you are


Sit with All

As you sit with me


As they fear

As they doubt


Remain with me

Remain open to me


As they get angry

As they shout


Continue to be free

With me



Is your Soul


My love

Radiates from you


As you be your Truth

You will be your Soul


My sacred neutrality

My sacred stillness


My wisdom teaches you

My presence humbles you


Be your teacher

Be your friend


Be everything

Be nothing


Remaining still

When you feel each one


A warrior’s challenge

Won for everyone


Create stillness

For everyone



My love



For everyone


As the day

Invisibly proceeds


Hear my whispers

Take your flight


Allow each to approach

The unknown


Open the door

Present me to them


Remain still

Remain open


Give my love

Give what is to be known


Sat Nam