10/13/2018 Kirtan Kriya

As a believer, you will not be believed until all are united as One.

Sat Nam

10/13/2018 Tratakam


As you are


In front of all

In front of you


Everything is traveling

With you


Slowing down

Increasing speed


Be the day

You wish to be


Allow for love



In this day

You can be loved


A day in life

Chosen by me


You want to run

You want to sit


So many vibrations

In so many directions


Find your Truth

Relax as who you are


Life is travelling

Life is moving


You are alive

Live as you are



From all around



What you allowed in



Return everything to me


Let go

Feel your Light


My life

You are so pure


Walk with others

Feel my presence



To their words


Use words of grace

Use words of love


Be my blessing

That you are


Recognize their vibrations

That need my love



Give my love


Release anything

That you have stored



In your Truth


As others are blind

The Light can see


Bless yourself

You are with me


As they look away

As they pretend not to be



Continue with me


Sat Nam