10/14/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Longing for what you don’t have, creates a riddle in your head.  Be free of what was never to be.  Be free and feel neutrality.

Sat Nam


10/14/2018 Tratakam


Are attempts to control


What is reality

What is my Truth


Beware of those

That create false hopes


Beware of those

That create false fears


Be steady

Remain neutral


What takes you away from me

Is what you should run from


What takes you away from neutrality

Is what you should be still with



While being within my stillness


So difficult to live

As the image of all


So easy to live

As oneness with all


Are you breathing

Do you remember my name


Relax with me

Give me time to give


Life can be free

When you belong to me


Surrender your life

Give all your song


Longing to belong

Belongs to no one



Love the day


Feel blessed

That you have everything


What is wanted

Is not needed


What I give

Is what is needed


Learn from each experience

See your past in your present


Seek the lesson

That can free your future


What is there

Is my wisdom


A love inside

Is a love that sees



With me


Create the day

As the day I create


What is there

What can be found



My love


Your Truth

Can be found


Sat Nam